Google Co-Op – A Misunderstood Opportunity

There are some SEO opportunities out there that are being missed by the general SEO population. An example of one of these is the Google Co-Op program. What if I told you that you could get a PR8 link (that does not have a Nofollow on it) from Well its true, and the SEO world is passing it by. First, there is a problem. I have talked to many SEOs and webmasters about Google Co-Op. There is a great deal of misunderstanding about what the program is about. Most people think about the ... Read More >

Washington Post Blogroll Links

The Washington Post made news in the SEO crowd on Friday, as Barry Schwartz reported that they are selling links in their blogroll. This caused a bit of a stir as people tried to figure out if this would help them improve their page rank, and rankings, by purchasing these links. Here is where you can see the discussion thread at SearchEngineWatch. You can see our post on the matter (under the name Stone Cold) in the SEW forums. The basics are this: Google does not want you to buy links for Page Rank ... Read More >

Web Analytics Update

As an update to our post of yesterday about Web Analytics, Google recently announced that on their Google Analytics blog that open access is now available to all. For many months now users have had to apply and wait for weeks or even months to get a Google Analytics account. So this is good news for those of you who have been waiting to get in. Head on over to the Google Analytics site and get started! ... Read More >

Link Building Strategies

Today, I took a look at a post by Andy Hagans and Aaron Wall, titled: 101 Ways to Build Link Popularity in 2006. The list is packed with good and interesting suggestions. Which ones are best for you? Well, it depends on your site and the resources available to you. Of course, some of these you need to ponder carefully, e.g. "Sue Google". Yes that will get you links, but ... well they had to have some fun with the list. One I would propose to add to the list: Make a link to your site a standard term ... Read More >

Web Analytics

I read this morning two recent posts about problems with Analytics on other SEO blogs. Reading these posts has caused me to add my own thoughts to the fray. One of these two posts was done by Michael Martinez at SEOMoz, and it titled How Reliable is Google Analytics. In it Michael presents some puzzling data about traffic levels reported by Google Analytics (GA) and what he sees in his log files. Google Analytics, it seems, is significantly under-reporting traffic. In addition, GA is seeing dramatic ... Read More >

Blog Posting Checklist

So I put up a post earlier today. And I made a stupid mistake. Since I have optimized my blogs to make sure my posts show up under the right tags on Technorati, you would think I would know better. I forgot to put a title on the post. So its get listed in Technorati, but no title shows. Ugh. You could file that one under "stupid blog tricks". So that spawns this brief post. Make sure you have a checklist before uploading a blog post. Here is one for starters: Make sure you wrote a title Make ... Read More >

Strong v.s. Bold and Emphaisis v.s. Italic tags

In reviewing Matt Cutts Qualities of a good site video, one of the questions that came up was the use of <b> v.s. <strong> and <i> v.s. <em> tags. It's one of those esoteric details that make up the world of SEO. For those of you who don't know, my attempt at the technical definition of these tags is as follows: <b> - Will present the encapsulated text in bold font, but is not meant to change the semantic meaning of such text. For example, if you read the sentence that ... Read More >

IE7 and RSS

One of the things that I have not been paying enough attention to is the upcoming release of Internet Explorer 7. This is one of the good things about SES. It helps me get a broader picture of things than I tend to get in my day to day work. While there, I got a better understanding of one of the key features of this upcoming browser update from Microsoft. You can get the feature review of IE 7 here. That is, RSS auto-discovery. RSS has been historically the domain of advanced users for a variety ... Read More >

Search Engine API Improvements

I just had the opportunity to read through a post at SEOmoz about Search Engine Scraping. For those of you who do not know what this is, it's the practice of scraping search engine results to get information that you need, such as your current rankings for key terms, and to get accurate link data. The post is by Rand Fiskin, the company CEO. Hear, hear Rand, I couldn't agree more. SEO involves a process of continual tweaking and experimentation on your site, and it's critical to measure the results ... Read More >

SES Report: Day 4

Two sessions again today. The first was "Meet the Crawlers", and the second was "Retaining Traffic After Moving or Redesign". The Meet the Crawlers sessions was entertaining as always. One of the notable things was the absence of Matt Cutts. Instead, Google had the session covered with Shiva Shivakumar, who did a credible job. Shiva's mantra(s) were 2: (1) Distinguish clearly between Inclusion issues and Ranking issues, and: (2) Use Google Webmaster Tools (fka Sitemaps) to solve world peace. OK, so ... Read More >