Google Webmaster Tools

While watching Matt Cutt's videos for SEOs and Webmasters, I learned that Google Sitemaps has now been renamed Google Webmaster Tools. More importantly, from our prespective, is that Google has continued to invest in adding new features to the product. It has some great stuff in it, including a Robots.txt checker, reporting on crawl errors such as broken links, and a SPAM Penalty checker. For those of you who have had your site banned from Google, it also has a built in Reinclusion Request. In fact, ... Read More >

SES Report: Day 3

A busy day for me, filled with off site client meetings. Nonetheless, I managed to catch two sessions. These were: Speaking Unofficially: Search Engine Bloggers, and Usability & SEO: Two Wins for the Price of One. Both were very interesting. The first of these featured Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo, Matt Cutts of Google, Niall Kennedy of Microsoft, and Gary Price of This session was not deep in tips and tricks for blogging success, but did provide some real insight into corporate mechanics at the ... Read More >

SES Report: Day 2

So the second day of the conference is drawing to a close. I am putting together this quick post to cover some of the basic events of the day before heading up the Googleplex to attend the Google Dance. Today I checked out 3 sessions: Blog & Feed Search SEO News Search SEO Meet the Blog & Feed Search Engines As you can see, I remained focused on social search type stuff, reflecting my current bent. It amazes me how much new opportunity out there. If you missed the growndswell that ocurred when ... Read More >

SES Report: Day 1

So I've finished my first day at Search Engine Strategies (SES) San Jose 2006. Got here late, because of flight delays from the East Coast. But, it was still a good day. Because of the late start, I attended only two sessions: (1) The Google Social Search session, and: (2) the Wikipedia / tagging session. As I said in my first post about the show, its remarkable how the industry is evolving. Chris Sherman, the Executive Editor at Search Engine Watch, noted that search really began as a group of Yahoo ... Read More >

Getting Ready for SES

It's the Saturday before Search Engine Strategies (SES) in San Jose. I am making my plans go go out to the show, and am looking forward to it. Looking at the agenda, I see an enormous amount of stuff about Blogging and the social web. It marks another milestone in the evolution of this business. It's no longer just about SEO and SEM. We are now in the era of blogs and bookmarking, and where old fashioned marketing is back in vogue. I have opened this blog on this day, as I plan to record my thoughts ... Read More >