Search Engine Patents

Shari Thurow wrote a report on a session at Search Engine Strategies San Jose about search engine patents. The session focused on the merits of mining the patents for SEO gold. Shari correctly identifies the problem. Patents will contain ideas that are not being put into … [Read more...]

Domain Aging is a Factor in Rankings

Google looks at the age of your domain name as a small factor in your site's ranking, and as a factor in evaluating how trustworthy it is. The reason they look at it is that spammers tend to look at their sites as throwaways. So they are very likely to buy a domain site … [Read more...]

How to Think About Link Baiting

Link baiting is a very popular term these days. It refers to the grand art of viral marketing. Success at link baiting requires that you know how to create content that will be popular enough that people will want to link to it. The concept is a great one. It's simply the … [Read more...]

The White Hat Kool-Aid Test

I often see blog postings talking about white hat SEOs being on Kool-Aid. The argument goes that "the other guys are cheating and getting away with it, they have an unfair advantage over me". I can't afford to give them that advantage. The other tag line goes something like … [Read more...]