Making a Living at Organic Listings

There is a current thread at Webmaster World that asks the question: Is it Realistic to Base a Business Around Free SERPs?. Interesting dialogue. You can see my post under the user ID of "stonecold". Basically, what I say is, this is what my company does for a living. Of course, you can make a living pursuing organic listings. It's a matter of approach. When you focus all of your energy on outstanding content and high quality links, your business will grow. No question that there will be peaks and ... Read More >

Danny Sullivan Keynoting WebmasterWorld – Not Dead Yet!

The news just broke that Danny Sullivan has signed on to provide a keynote speech at Webmaster World in Las Vegas on November 16th. You can read the announcement on Danny's blog, or read more about it on the Webmaster World forums. You can get more info on attending Pubcon here. This should come as no surprise to industry insiders. Danny has been the face of the SEO industry for some time, and it's really unlikely that he is going to disappear from the scene anytime soon. I for one am excited by this ... Read More >

Is Reciprocal Linking a Waste of Time?

In a word, yes. Since this flies in the face of conventional wisdom, let me qualify it a bit. Swapping links for the sole purpose of getting a link is a bad idea. What is a good idea, is to swap links with sites that are truly aligned with the subject matter of your site. Presenting a good link to your users that can help them in the event that they don't find what they want on your page is by itself useful. From an SEO perspective, it also helps the search engine understand more about what your site ... Read More >

Keywords in the URL

From time to time you see discussions in various forums about keywords in a URL, and whether or not this is a good idea. Like some many things in the SEO world, the answer is simple: It depends. To cite an example: is not a case where keywords in the URL will help you from an SEO perspective. All that hyphenating in the domain name is a real flag. You can see the search engine engineers eyes glaze over as you recite your way through your hyphens when you tell ... Read More >

Keyword Duplication

Mapping site design to target keywords is a fine art. The goal is to create a site architecture that is mapped to providing keyword rich content that is structured to provide quality content for users, and rank well in search engines. One of the key mistakes people make is that they create multiple pages that end up competing for the same keywords. For most sites, this is a bad mistake. By competing with each other, there is a strong chance that the search engine will see the pages as duplicate ... Read More >

One Site, or Multiple Sites?

Todd "Oilman" Friesen recently did a post emphasizing the importance of location, location, location. In it, the Oilman takes Kevin Rose to task for dividing up the powerful Digg empire into 3 sites. It's a mistake that lots of webmasters make. There are many reasons for this. Not to long ago, a big trick was to use sub domains (e.g. because for a while search engines treated a link from a sub domain as if it came from a different site. Pretty simple way to get additional ... Read More >

Outbound Links

So what's the story with outbound links? Should you, or shouldn't you? In our view, you should. You can see similar thoughts offered up about the value of outbound linking on Jim Boykin's blog. This flies in the face of traditional SEO that was into hoarding page rank and keeping visitors on your site. But we need to keep up with the times, and the way that search engine algorithms, and the web, are evolving. To do this, it is helpful to think like a search engine engineer. What clues would you ... Read More >

New Site Promotion: PPC or SEO First?

SEO or SEM First?Whenever we start up with a new client, one of the first questions that often comes up is whether or not we should focus on Search Engine Marketing (SEM) or Search Engine Optimization first. Lisa Barone discusses this point in her recent post about What Comes First: PPC or SEO?. As part of her post, she reviews a Wilson Web article written by iPlenus Solutions' Director of Web Design Paul Schmidt. Paul advocates the notion of always starting out with PPC. Lisa correctly observes that ... Read More >