Building Multi-Million $ Web Sites from Scratch (Part 4 of …)

Content Development Finally we get back to our series on building multi-million dollar web sites from scratch. We will continue to weave in regular postings about the Google Custom Search Engine developments, but we will begin to write about this topic regularly as well. Basically, this series is a high level blueprint about how to pursue high end results. For that reason we need a high end strategy. See below for a list of the prior posts on this topic. This post is going to talk about content ... Read More >

One Basic Problem with Algorithmic Search

A short while back, we had the opportunity to interview Google’s Shashi Seth. This interview started with a fascinating look at basic flaws in algorithmic search. In fact, it is these limitations that has led Google to implement the Google Co-Op program.Basically, this boils down to two major issues: Most user queries to not fully explain their context Even if the user queries do explain their context, most web pages do not present data indicating what context they intend to address Since many of you ... Read More >

Google Custom Search Engines – Who will be the Winners?

One of the more interesting things to consider in light of the Google Custom Search Engine (CSE) announcement is who will be the winners, and who will be the losers. We do view Google as one of the winners, but this post will focus more on the winners and losers among those who implement CSEs. As always, the ability to generate an audience is a key factor in success. So there will be an aspect of the rich getting richer here. Sites with large audiences will be better equipped to develop large ... Read More >

Google Custom Search Engines and Social Media

When Google Co-op was launched in May, I saw this as Google's move into the Social Media space. The announcement on October 24th of it's Custom Search Engine (CSE) initiative continues this trend. As with the other parts of Google Co-op, CSEs are intended to encourage social participation in improving the quality of search. CSEs are designed to provide subject matter experts (SMEs) with the means and the incentive to hand carve improved search engines specific to their area of expertise. The means ... Read More >

Strategic Value of Google Custom Search Engines For Site Owners

The new custom search engine (CSE) program announced by Google offers significant possibilities for web site owners. Implementing a CSE allows site owners to develop a new asset for their business, and provides a new revenue stream for their business as well. Site owners can have a subject matter expert (SME) in their business design rules for their own CSE that provide a superior search experience in their area of expertise. A skilled SME should be able to steadily improve the quality of the search ... Read More >

Strategic Implications of Google’s Custom Search Engines

Google's custom search engine (CSE) announcement has significant implications for the search engine industry and Google. This blog post will discuss some of these, but I am sure we will be learing about it for some time to come. Here are the major implications: Combining Human Editing with Algorithmic Search 1. Google has recognized the inherent limitations in link based ranking systems. CSEs provide a method for incorporating expert human editor input into search results. There is a spark of ... Read More >

Our apologies …

Our apologies to our loyal readers. We have been a bit quiet for a few days. All will be come clear tomorrow, as we will be making a major announcement on our site. This will take up our blog posts for the rest of the week. We will resume our "Building Multi-Million Dollar Web Sites from Scratch" series next week. ... Read More >

Google Going Strong

Short post, done late tonight. Hope to get back in sync tomorrow. Two things caught my eye: Google's fabulous earnings announcement sporting huge growth. Revenues of $2.69 billion for Q3 2006, and operating income of $931 million, or 35% of revenue. In light of Yahoo's recent disappointing earnings announcement, this is big news. Jeremy Zawodny offers a great summary of the YouTube acquisition by Google. Jeremy hits the nail on the head - its about eyeballs, and it makes tons of sense. Google ... Read More >

Building Multi-Million $ Web Sites from Scratch (Part 3 of …)

Site Hierarchy and Keyword Selection This is the third post in a series about building multi-million dollar web sites using a White Hat SEO approach. Today, we are going to focus on site hierarchy and keyword selection. However, the parts that will be different in today's discussion from others you may have seen, is that we are going to talk about how to do this on a relatively massive scale. If you recall the categories we talked about in the first article, they included deep topics, such as ... Read More >

Building Multi-Million $ Web Sites from Scratch (Part 2 of …)

Using PPC to Enhance your Organic Traffic Strategy This is the second in a series of stories about building multi-million dollar web sites using a White Hat SEO approach. Today, we are going to focus on the concept of using PPC campaigns to help your launch succeed. As the thrust of this series is to develop sites whose value is based on organic traffic, this article is not specifically about PPC development and management, but on how PPC can help you improve your organic strategy. Of course, PPC can ... Read More >