Google Going Strong

Short post, done late tonight. Hope to get back in sync tomorrow. Two things caught my eye: Google's fabulous earnings announcement sporting huge growth. Revenues of $2.69 billion for Q3 2006, and operating income of $931 million, or 35% of revenue. In light of Yahoo's recent … [Read more...]

The “New Virgin of One Way Linking”

Sometimes I look at those link request emails to see when someone has a new idea: I could not stop laughing when I read this one. I have bolded the funniest part. Typos have been left in. The names have been deleted to protect the delusional ... Dear Webmaster I handle online … [Read more...]

Google and the Programmable Web

John Musser at ProgrammableWeb writes an interesting commentary on a Forbes article by Quentin Hardy titled The Google Industrial Complex. The Forbes article opens with the statement "Everybody works for Google", and ends with "See, we all work for Google". A provocative … [Read more...]

NoODP, NoYahoo

Barry Schwartz reports that Yahoo is on the verge of adding support for the NoODP metatag. This emerged from an interview with Yahoo's Tim Mayer. This is a good step forward, as Yahoo does use the descriptions for sites found in the Open Directory Project on some occasions, and … [Read more...]