Google Going Strong

Short post, done late tonight. Hope to get back in sync tomorrow. Two things caught my eye: Google's fabulous earnings announcement sporting huge growth. Revenues of $2.69 billion for Q3 2006, and operating income of $931 million, or 35% of revenue. In light of Yahoo's recent disappointing earnings announcement, this is big news. Jeremy Zawodny offers a great summary of the YouTube acquisition by … [Read more...]

Building Multi-Million $ Web Sites from Scratch (Part 3 of …)

Site Hierarchy and Keyword Selection This is the third post in a series about building multi-million dollar web sites using a White Hat SEO approach. Today, we are going to focus on site hierarchy and keyword selection. However, the parts that will be different in today's discussion from others you may have seen, is that we are going to talk about how to do this on a relatively massive scale. If you … [Read more...]

Building Multi-Million $ Web Sites from Scratch (Part 2 of …)

Using PPC to Enhance your Organic Traffic Strategy This is the second in a series of stories about building multi-million dollar web sites using a White Hat SEO approach. Today, we are going to focus on the concept of using PPC campaigns to help your launch succeed. As the thrust of this series is to develop sites whose value is based on organic traffic, this article is not specifically about PPC … [Read more...]

Building Multi-Million $ Web Sites from Scratch (Part 1 of …)

Picking a Market and Content Strategy Most people in SEO have heard the constant stories about how the really good Black Hat SEOs make a million or more dollars per year. They build a site up over time, and while that site's revenue is building, they are already launching additional sites. They have groups of sites in different stages of the traffic / revenue funnel at all times. The sense of the postings … [Read more...]

The “New Virgin of One Way Linking”

Sometimes I look at those link request emails to see when someone has a new idea: I could not stop laughing when I read this one. I have bolded the funniest part. Typos have been left in. The names have been deleted to protect the delusional ... Dear Webmaster I handle online marketing for my client's site http://www.*****.com/. As you all know about the Google's new algorithym and the improtance of … [Read more...]

Google and the Programmable Web

John Musser at ProgrammableWeb writes an interesting commentary on a Forbes article by Quentin Hardy titled The Google Industrial Complex. The Forbes article opens with the statement "Everybody works for Google", and ends with "See, we all work for Google". A provocative thought. Every day, when we do a Google search, we provide them with revenue and data. For webmasters, running Google Adsense to … [Read more...]

NoODP, NoYahoo

Barry Schwartz reports that Yahoo is on the verge of adding support for the NoODP metatag. This emerged from an interview with Yahoo's Tim Mayer. This is a good step forward, as Yahoo does use the descriptions for sites found in the Open Directory Project on some occasions, and sometimes these descriptions are not that good. Sadly, Yahoo is not implementing a NoYahooDir tag. This is a mistake, as … [Read more...]