Implementing Custom Meta Descriptions in WordPress

Recently, we did a post about Google's snippets stating that out site will soon be the most read site in the SEO World. Not many people can claim that Google says that about their site. As I pointed out in the discussion, this results from the way that Google builds it's snippets. Google first looks to find text on your page that contains the actual user search query, or something quite close to it. If … [Read more...]

Microsoft bCentral not accepting new submissions

Barry Schwartz picked up that Microsoft bCentral is no longer accepting new registrations. This is definitely a shame, as it has always been a good directory to get listed in. Microsoft is now referring all small business customers to the Microsoft site. As Barry points out, Microsoft is allowing all existing customers to sustain their existing service. One wonders how long that will last, … [Read more...]

“The most read site in the SEO World”

We are truly grateful to Google for declaring that our site "will soon be the most read site in the SEO world". What am I smoking you say? Well check it out here: Thanks Google! OK, so more seriously, how did this happen? Clearly it has something to do with the way that Google assembles it's snippets. The link that comes up for this search points to the home page of our blog. The user query is … [Read more...]

Interview with Vertical Search Engine Pioneer Grant Ryan

Recently, we had the chance to speak with Eurekster’s Grant Ryan. One of the most interesting topics of our discussion was Grant's description of the innovative contextual advertising model implemented by Eurekster. This model is designed to take advantage of the context information that is inherent in the design of each Swicki (Eurekster's name for their vertical search engines). You can read the full … [Read more...]

Using the NoScript Tag

While I was at WebmasterWorld, I had a webmaster come up to me and ask me about the NOSCRIPT tag. Where this tag gets used is for those sites that have Javscript menus, and that don't provide an alternate text based navigation scheme. These sites end up cutting off search engines from portions of those sites. In addition, users who have browsers that do not support Javascript also can't use the site … [Read more...]

MSN Punishing Reciprocal Links

A fresh report from Barry Schwartz reveals that Microsoft is now actively banning sites for engaging in link exchanges with non-relevant sites. Fascinating. As Barry also indicates, Google simply discounts these links, making them a waste of your time and effort. In addition, we learned during the BigDaddy update, that Google also punishes sites for whom a large portion of their links come from link … [Read more...]

Danny Sullivan’s Future

So the news is finally out. Danny Sullivan, Barry Schwartz, and Chris Sherman are going to operate a new web site that provides search news, known as Search Engine Land. Congratulations to the three of you. This will soon be the most read web site in the SEO world. In addition, Danny will continue to manage and operate the SES events through 2007, on behalf of Incisive Media. … [Read more...]

Search Engines unite on Site Maps Protocol

Donna Fontenot at SEO Scoop picked up the announcement that Yahoo and MSN are now supporting the Google Sitemap protocol. In the official announcement on the Google Webmaster blog, it's stated that Google, Yahoo, and MSN are going to collaborate on future changes and enhancements to the protocol. This is great stuff. When the search engines join together to do these things, it makes life much simpler for … [Read more...]

Tidbits from Webmaster World, Day 2

1. I finally got to meet Donna Fontenot of SEO Scoop. She has an excellent blog, and today made a point that ties in nicely to the current gambling environment here in Las Vegas. Manage your risk dudes and dudettes. Don't put more on the line than you can afford to lose. 2. I stopped by the duplicate content sessions because I wanted to meet Bill Slawski of SEO by the Sea, another excellent blog for all … [Read more...]

WebmasterWorld Day 1

Brutal trip out here. No problems really, everything ran on time. But getting up at 4:30 am ET to come out here is hard no matter how you slice it. But anyway, I have made it our to WebmasterWorld in Las Vegas. And as always, it's an entertaining show. Since I flew early this morning, I made only the two last sessions. The most interesting one to me was the CSS and HTML session. According to Ted … [Read more...]