“The most read site in the SEO World”

We are truly grateful to Google for declaring that our site "will soon be the most read site in the SEO world". What am I smoking you say? Well check it out here: Thanks Google! OK, so more seriously, how did this happen? Clearly it has something to do with the way that … [Read more...]

Using the NoScript Tag

While I was at WebmasterWorld, I had a webmaster come up to me and ask me about the NOSCRIPT tag. Where this tag gets used is for those sites that have Javscript menus, and that don't provide an alternate text based navigation scheme. These sites end up cutting off search … [Read more...]

MSN Punishing Reciprocal Links

A fresh report from Barry Schwartz reveals that Microsoft is now actively banning sites for engaging in link exchanges with non-relevant sites. Fascinating. As Barry also indicates, Google simply discounts these links, making them a waste of your time and effort. In addition, … [Read more...]

Danny Sullivan’s Future

So the news is finally out. Danny Sullivan, Barry Schwartz, and Chris Sherman are going to operate a new web site that provides search news, known as Search Engine Land. Congratulations to the three of you. This will soon be the most read web site in the SEO world. In … [Read more...]