Commentary on Danny Sullivan Interview with Jimmy Wales

Danny Sullivan posted an interview of Jimmy Wales, in which they discuss Wikia's plan to launch a new search engine. Danny asks a lot of great questions, and provides some good analysis. Danny points out in detail how hard it will be for them to succeed in holding off spammers if they begin to get popular. One point of the discussion that I want to expand upon is the issue of the investment required to succeed at this. Danny touches on this as well, but I believe it deserves some ... Read More >

7 tips on writing good content for the Search Engines

Brian Clark at Copyblogger recently put up a post about how to write for Google. In his post, Brian quotes the Google guidelines, including the well known: "Always focus on the users and not on search engines when developing your optimization strategy". Brian also promises to offer more on this exact topic within the next year. I will look forward to see what he has to say about it. But in the meantime, being an impatient sort, here are my thoughts: Make sure the person who is writing for you is, or ... Read More >

Blogs that I read

I have now seen numerous people put out there their list of blogs that they read. I saw one excellent list from Brian Clark at Copyblogger, a blog that is on my list below. Here is my list: Bruce Clay (Lisa Barone) Cartoon Barry CopyBlogger Cre8pc David Naylor Eric Ward - Link Moses Google Blogoscoped Google Custom Search Blog Google Webmaster Central Graywolf JenSense - Making Sense of Contextual Advertising Jeremy Zawodny Jim Boykin's Blog Live Search Blog Matt Cutts, Gadgets, Google, ... Read More >

Stats About Blogs and Link Development

Blogs make for a great promotional tool. You have probably heard it many times. But does it really work? I think we can answer that question with a resounding yes! This post will provide you with some basic stats, showing the results achieved by SEOmoz in the last year, and our very own blog here at Stone Temple Consulting since it's launch in mid-August. Here are the stats reported recently by Rand at SEOmoz: Year Inbound links 2005 10,000 2006 326.000 What does this get them? Among other ... Read More >

Backing up your Blog

It was a very scary moment. I was looking at the home page of my blog, and there was nothing but a Wordpress database error of some sort. The irony of it was that I had just gone in, for the first time, to try and protect the history of the blog with the first backup I have ever done of it. And the process had somehow blown it away. Basically, I had gone through the following steps: Ran PhpMyAdmin, the admin tool for the SQL database Selected Export Checked the Gzipped box at the bottom Clicked ... Read More >

Google Data Updates and Algorithm Updates

Matt Cutts takes a fresh cut at trying to explain Google algorithm updates and data refreshes. In a nutshell: Algorithm updates affect the methodology that Google ranks sites. These are very infrequent. Data refreshes involve changes in the data set which the algorithm processes. One example of a data refresh is an index update. The index is updated daily. What this means is that search results are constantly changing and evolving. The results you see for given search terms are changing on a ... Read More >

Wikipedia Launching a New Search Engine – Wikiasari

Quick Pre-Christmas post - Frank Watson at Search Engine Watch reports that Wikipedia and Amazon are teaming up to launch a search engine early next year. The story originally broke in the London Times where Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales was quoted as saying "Google is very good at many types of search, but in many instances it produces nothing but spam and useless crap." Later information now indicates that Amazon does not have direct involvement, and that this is a Wikipedia owned project.  Evidently, ... Read More >

Using a Site Map to Increase Traffic

Building a good site map can be challenging (for clarity's sake, I need to point out that we are not talking about the Site Maps protocol here, but an on site, site map). But I find that there is a lot of confusion out there about what makes a good one. People are locked down on the notion that they need to have one page on their site that has links to every other page on their site. There is also confusion on when one is needed - not all sites need one. Let's start with the objective: Minimize the ... Read More >

Weighing in on Link Buying (again!)

The debate continues to rage on about link buying. Rand posted yesterday that he disagrees with Danny and Google, and Jim Boykin adds his comments early this morning. Clearly there is a lot of confusion over this. So here we go again ... in this post, I will try to put forth what I believe the Google position is. Note that I am not a Google representative, so this is simply my interpretation of what I have heard. Google wants to value a link for it's editorial value. This is the essential point in ... Read More >

Adam Lasnik Clarifies Google Stance on Duplicate Content

Google's Adam Lasnik has offered up a post today on Dealing Deftly with Duplicate Content. In it, he offers up the official Google stance on the issue. In this post, he addresses the following key issues: What is duplicate content? What isn't duplicate content? Why does Google care about duplicate content? What does Google do about it? How can Webmasters proactively address duplicate content issues? However, there are issues that are not addressed in Adam's post (fyi - these are issues which it's ... Read More >