Rand Fishkin’s 7 tips for Link Bait Success

The following is a summary of Rand Fishkin's list of 7 steps for Success in Link baiting. For those of you don't know, Rand is the President of SEOmoz, one of the most successful link baiting companies in the business. So without further ado, here is a short rendition of the 7 steps to link bait success (aka "Link Baiting according to Rand"): Find and know the link bait portals. In order of link generating power, as determined by SEOmoz's research, here is the ... Read More >

Flash disabled in IE 7 by Default

Quick SES Tidbit of the day. Internet Explorer 7 is disabling Flash by default. This means the user needs to take an action in their browser to see Flash movies on your site. This strengthens the arguments for minimizing the use of Flash on your site. This surprising tidbit came out of one of the sessions I was in at SES Chicago yesterday. Later today, I will be compiling a post on the great art of Link Baiting. ... Read More >

Search Marketing Expo Announced

And finally, the other pieces fall into place. The team at SearchEngineLand.com has announced their Search Marketing Expo conference and Search Marketing Now webcast series. The list of non-surprises continues! The grand master of search engine conferences, Danny Sullivan, has announced a new series of conferences, known as Search Marketing Expo. Can you spell instant success? Without a doubt, this will be a well attended event. It does bring up an issue though. How many conference series can this ... Read More >

The Virtual World of Second Life

Sometimes you feel like you are living under a rock. That happened to me on Monday at SES Chicago. I walked into a ClickZ sponsored session on Social Media Advertising, and in it I saw a presentation by Marc Schiller, CEO and Founder of Electric Artists, about Second Life. For those of you who don't know about it, Second Life is its own virtual world, where people live out lives using there avatars. The world is literally created on the fly by its residents, much like real life (but hopefully with ... Read More >