Sweden joins Second Life

Now this is really cool. According to Yahoo News, Sweden plans to open an embassy in the virtual world of Second Life. For those of you who are not familiar with it Second Life has more than 3 million "inhabitants". We first blogged about Second Life in December after SES in … [Read more...]

Are you below the radar?

Are you underneath the radar? Do you plan to stay there? This is a really good question to ask when you are thinking about your SEO strategy. Let me talk a little bit about why. I was talking to a friend of mine earlier today. He is doing the webmaster work for a local day … [Read more...]

Domain Age and Rankings

Barry Schwartz picked up on a thread over at WebMasterWorld. The thread was started by Brett Tabke, and discusses the affect of domain age on search engine rankings. In it Brett suggests that it's a top 5 or top 10 factor in rankings. That's lofty territory! However, I can … [Read more...]