SEO, Rocket Science, and Web Marketing

Kim Krauseberg picked up on a post by Mike Grehan, titled: SEO: Art, Science, Bollocks Or What? in which Mike discusses whether or not SEO is a difficult art to learn. Mike correctly assesses that "textbook SEO" is not rocket science. The basics of building sites today that meet the mechanical requirements of search engines does not require a Ph.D.. This does not mean that it's easy for the uninitiated, or that it's simple to learn, but it can't be confused with rocket engine design. However, this is ... Read More >

2007 Predictions for Web Marketing

Now that we are over 1 week into the new year, I have decided to take a moment to record six predictions for the year. Here are the new developments I see on our horizon in 2007: The social web revolution(s) will continue and expand, but will not be a panacea for current limitations in search. Group (mob) behavior simply has its limitations. However, more and more smart businesses will make a bundle of money by learning to use the social web as a tool to understand their customers, and/or find new ... Read More >

GoogleBot Crawling CSS Files

Barry Schwartz spotted a thread in the Cre8site Forums discussing a report by that Googlebot requested a CSS file. This is a very interesting, but not surprising development. It's been known for some time that you can use CSS to hide text. It was also clearly stated by search engine representatives at SES in Chicago that it's a no-no to block crawling of your CSS or Javascript include files. The real question now becomes how pervasive this is going to become. Is Google going to start ... Read More >

The 4 Basics of Reinclusion Requests

It's been a long time since I had to deal with a Reinclusion Request, but someone asked me about this yesterday, and it's worth a post, because it's an issue that many people encounter. The outline here should apply to any of the search engines. First, here is where you find the reinclusion form for the Google and Yahoo: Google: Go to Google webmaster tools, click on the "Tools" link, and then "Submit a reinclusion request" link. Yahoo: Yahoo reinclusion request form So now onto the meat of this ... Read More >

The Future of Social Media

As the various predictions come out about people's projections for 2007, I am beginning to see more and more impressive predictions about what will happen in the social media space. People are projecting that the power of human input will do all manner of incredible things. But there is a basic problem with all this. Unregulated human input on a large scale has serious problems with accuracy. One of the most interesting experiments along these lines is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the largest example of ... Read More >