Interview with Jim Sterne

Jim Sterne is one of the most well known names in the world of Web Analytics. We recently had a chance to interview Jim, and had a great discussion with him. Jim has published several books, including the well known title "Web Metrics". Jim is also President of the Web Analytics Association, and the Emetrics Summit. Jim's passion for analytics emerges immediately and clearly when you begin a discussion of web analytics with him. In our interview he provides a great top down view of the analytics ... Read More >

Big changes at SEOmoz

Big changes are taking place over at SEOmoz. A while back, Rand Fishkin (its CEO), announced that he planned to offer paid content services in the near future. Well the change has happened, and the new SEOmoz site is launched. Premium Membership costs $39 per month or $299 for a year. What you get in return for this is access to premium content and tools, including: The Professional's Guide to Link Building Access to the SEOmoz Crawl Test Tool The ability to compare multiple reports on the same ... Read More >

Free Keyword Tool from Wordtracker

Wordtracker is now offering a free keyword tool. The tool provides data on 100 keywords related to your query. Here is a quick look at the interface: And here is the output of a sample query: It's actually some great initial data, available at no cost. This should serve as a great promotional tool for Wordtracker, and help lots of people who are not ready yet to take the next step into heavier duty keyword analysis. Here are STC, we have a paid account for Wordtracker because we like the ... Read More >