Why You Want to Use Your Blog to Build Trust

Rand just put up a post about The Vast Ocean Between Shoemoney & SEOmoz and Why You Should Be Able To Trust Blog Links. Other than the fact that he singled me out in it, I think it's a great post. I started to write this post as a comment on SEOmoz, but it just got way too long. If you want to read about this topic, read Rand's post, and then come back to this one. I do think there is a balance between the time you invest in blogging and content development, and making a living. When I look at ... Read More >

Should you NOINDEX your RSS feed?

One of the questions you see swirling about the forums and blogs these days is whether or not you should Noindex your RSS feeds to avoid duplicate content problems. The source of the problem is that RSS feeds are being crawled by the search engines. In addition, many people are now recommending that you include the entire content of your articles directly in your feed. You can read more about this in my recent interview of Rick Klau of FeedBurner. So if the search engine sees the content on your site, ... Read More >

17 Poor Quality Signals Your Site May Be Sending

You see the postings in the forums. People talk about their sites going in an out of the index on a regular basis. Their sites go in for 5 days, and then are out for 10. It's a wrenching experience. In my recent interview with Adam Lasnik, Adam explained that it simply means that Google is detecting what it considers to be some poor quality signals with regard to your site. The other thing that Adam outlined is that the reason for the in and out behavior is that Google is tweaking their algorithms on ... Read More >

Searchology Event Review With Pictures

This is an overview of the day that Google called Searchology (May 16, 2007). In this post I will cover some of the aspects of the event other than the announcements themselves. This will include a series of pictures from my trip to the Googleplex, with some comments about each one, and what Google seemed to be trying to accomplish with the event. 1. The first picture shows the 'Plex as viewed from right outside Building 43, which is where Matt Cutts, Adam Lasnik, and crew reside. The funny thing is ... Read More >

Overview of Google’s Announcements this past Wednesday

May 16th was a fascinating day. I had the pleasure of sitting in on a major press announcement by Google in Mountain View, at an event that Google called "Searchology". In this announcement, Google announced four significant enhancements to search as we know it: Universal Search: This is the biggee. Now when you use Google's web search interface, you will get results from their web index, and from book search, local search, GoogleMaps, image search, news search, and blog search. Some of the highlights ... Read More >

Tomi Poutanen talks about algorithmic and social search

I had a great discussion with Tomi Poutanen last week about the future of algorithmic and social search. Tomi identified 3 challenges faced by algorithmic search: The size of the web they are searching and indexing Subjective queries, such as "what's the best hotel in New York" can't be addressed by algorithmic search The spammers use algotihms too, and there is an inherent arms race between spammers and search engines But Tomi does feel that algorithmic search is still better for navigation and ... Read More >

Flickr Thumbnails now Showing in Yahoo! Web Search Results

Interesting developments at Flickr and Yahoo! web search. Based on Flickr Interestingness data that the service has been collecting, Yahoo! Web Search is now showing Flickr thumbnails of the most popular photos of popular landmarks, when these landmarks are searched on by users. Here are some examples: Machu Pichu Eifel Tower Great Wall of China Times Square Stonehenge Yes, I had to include a thumbnail of Stonehenge in there. In any event, what's cool about this is that the experience is driven ... Read More >

Comparison of 7 Different Analytics Packages

Stone Temple Consulting is pleased to announce the publication of the 2007 Web Analytics Shootout - Interim Report. A product of many months of effort (we started on this on October or 2006), and can now show data from 7 different web analytics packages running side by side across 4 sites. This allows us to do some very interesting comparisons of all the packages. We also provide detailed analysis of the results, and offer commentary as to what we think it tells us. One special test we conducted was ... Read More >

The Challenge for Web 2.0 Companies

Aaron Wall offers up some good thoughts on why Most Web 2.0 Companies will Fail. His discussion focuses on the leverage they seem to lack. He ends the post with "The reason most Web2.0 companies will fail is that they are creating entire companies based around a feature to another product, while having no market leverage." And, he is absolutely correct. Features do not result in long term companies. Maybe, I said maybe, a company that is based on a feature can create some value and sell themselves ... Read More >