Vanessa Fox’s Last Google Interview?

Shortly before she left Google, I spoke to Vanessa Fox about what's going on with Google Webmaster Tools, and, we also spoke for a while about duplicate content problems. While I was working on polishing up the interview transcript Vanessa left Google. So I may have had the last real interview she did while at Google. After another week of vacation, she will officially make the leap over to work at Zillow. Best of luck Vanessa! We talk at length about key parts of Webmaster Tools, and we also talk ... Read More >

Dynamically Built Google Custom Search Engines

Google continues to roll out new features in its Custom Search Engines (CSEs). One of the most interesting ones is the implementation of "Linked CSEs". What this feature does is allows applications to be built that can dynamically build a CSE. To whet your appetite for this feature, let me provide you with an example of a dynamic CSE you can build this way. You can read Google's blog posts about this update here and here. Using the Linked CSE architecture you can write a program that extracts the ... Read More >

Interview with Seth Godin

A little over a week ago, I caught up with Seth Godin to talk about the great success of Squidoo. As you might expect, the conversation included a lot of discussion about what makes the web great, and strategies and tactics for making something go viral. Much of Seth's focus with Squidoo was just that - to make it go viral. At the heart of making something viral is providing a participant with a reason for telling others. We are not talking about compensation here. We are talking about things like ... Read More >

12 Ways Webmasters Create Duplicate Content

At the recent SMX Advanced Conference in Seattle one of the big sessions was on duplicate content. There is great blow by blow coverage in posts by Vanessa Fox and by Matt McGhee. You can also see an older post about dupe content here by Chris Boggs. At the start of this session, the search engines all talked about various types of duplicate content. But let's take a deeper look at the way that duplicate content happens. Here are 12 ways people unintentionally create dupe content: Build a site for ... Read More >

Matt Cutts and Tim Mayer – tidbits from SMX

While I was out at SMX Advanced, I sat through the penalty box summit. As always, Tim Mayer and Matt Cutts had a few interesting things to say. Tim Mayer started by noting that Yahoo! remains committed to search. Evidently, there was a rumor floating around in the industry that Yahoo! was going to reduce their investment in search. I had not hear the rumor myself, but it's not true. Also of interest was that Yahoo! has now added to Site Explorer a way to disclaim and inbound link. I think this is ... Read More >

15 Methods for Paid Link Detection

Many major SEO firms make it a standard practice to recommend the purchasing of links to their clients. The search engines actively discourage this practice, and do their level best to detect those paid links. Here are 15 things they can use as signals that a link is possibly a paid link: Links Labelled as Advertisements: The search engines can scan for nearby text, such as "Advertisement", "Sponsors", "Our Partners", etc. Site Wides: Site wide linking is unnatural, and should be a rare part of your ... Read More >

Adam Lasnik Explains How NoFollow Works

As I wrote about recently, one of the things we need to realize about the web is that content lives forever. An example of this is an old thread at Jill Whalen's HighRankings Forum (a great forum by the way), which talks about the NoFollow attribute. Note that the posting is dated in January of 2007. In it, Matt Cutts is quoted as saying: For example, imagine if you had a site with articles in both printer-friendly and web-friendly format. If you wanted to sculpt where Googlebot was going to prevent ... Read More >

Don’t Bet Against Building 43

Seth Godin recently wrote a post titled Building 43. The gist of this post was that it's a bad idea to best against the webspam team at Google. As reader's of this blog know, I couldn't agree more. For Google, the relevance of their search results is a core strategic asset. If Google's results are perceived to be more relevant by search engine users, they will continue to flock to Google the way they do now. And this equates directly to revenue and stock price. So Google will do everything they ... Read More >

The Web is a Permanent Record

A short while back the folks at SEO Blackhat published a great post called This will Go Down on Your Permanent Record. You might ask what a self professed "white hat" such as myself was doing rousting around on the SEO Blackhat blog, but the reality is that they I am a fan of the SEO Blackhat blog. They write some great stuff And so it was, with this post. The point they made was that everything you put online is being archived for all eternity. No matter what you do, no matter how funny you think it ... Read More >