Some Clarity on Paid Links

Hoo boy, with that title, this better be good ... The paid links discussion raged hot and heavy at Search Engine Strategies San Jose last week. Whenever the debate comes up again, there is a lot of confusion and misinformation that gets put out there. Keeping in mind (here is the ritual disclaimer) that while I do not work for Google, and do not represent Google, this post will outline just a few components of how I believe this works. What the Issue Is Google's founders, Sergey Brin, and Larry Page, ... Read More >

Final Report of the 2007 Analytics Shoot Out Now Available!

The 2007 Analytics Shoot Out Final Report is now available. This report is the final report in our study of 7 different analytics packages running across 4 different web sites simultaneously. Here are the sections you will find in this new report: Section 1. An executive summary of the report, findings, and key takeaways. Section 2. Overview of study methodology. Section 3. First party v.s. third party cookie updated analysis. Section 4. Detailed analysis of the traffic data - this has been updated ... Read More >

Two Golden Rules of Blogging

Our blog is now more than 1 year old. In fact, our first post took place on August 5th, 2006, just before last year's SES San Jose. This post represents the 181st post on the blog. So to commemorate the anniversary of the blog, I thought I'd share a few metrics on how it's worked out for us, and then the why of it all. First, the metrics: On the day we opened the blog, our site showed 34 links in Yahoo!. You got it. 34. Today, we show 26,300 on Yahoo!. This is a pretty substantial growth over ... Read More >

Content Development for Large Web Sites

This is the second in our series about building multi-million dollar web sites. In the first article we provided a general overview of the major elements of the process. In this article, we are going to take one of the concepts discussed, and expand upon it. Today, we talk about content. Content for Users Good content is at the heart of any commercially successful web site, even small ones. You need it to convince your visitors to do whatever it is you want them to do. Sometimes, this is a long ... Read More >

Danny Sullivan Interview

Danny Sullivan and I recently spoke about a variety of search industry related topics. We started by talking about Search Engine Land, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Search Marketing Now, and Sphinn. Then we spent time covering the state of the search marketing industry and whether or not any player out there can hope to challenge Google's dominance in the near future. This included a discussion of the types of things that Yahoo! and Microsoft should consider doing to improve their positions in the ... Read More >

How to Build a Multi-Million Dollar Website

Interested in building a web site that can sell for millions of dollars? Who wouldn't be? Of course, the catch is that it's a lot of work, especially in today's search engine environment. A few years back, it was much easier. Two things have made this a more difficult task. One is that the search engines are doing a better job of fighting SPAM, and the second is that potential acquirers are getting smarter about the sites that they buy. This post is the first of a series on how to achieve this goal. ... Read More >

The Hidden Factors in a Web Site’s Value

Where is the true value in a web site? It's a question that you will think about deeply if you are ever involved in the purchase or sale of a web site. Traditional business metrics focus heavily on the financial component, such as: Month to month revenue for the last 2 to 24 months Margin for those months Stability of the revenue and margin Go forward financial prospects for the business Markets, and stabilities of markets the site is in Stability of the revenue sources Potential to add new ... Read More >