Upgrading to WordPress 2.3.1

For the longest time I let my blog remain on the 2.02 version of Wordpress. One of the reasons that this was the case is that upgrading Wordpress used to feel like a potential nightmare. While I am moderately technical, I am no web server geek by any means, and in the past there were steps in the process that felt like they would require me to be one to make sure everything went smoothly. However, when I … [Read more...]

SEOs Must Work Closely With Development

Have you ever written up a beautiful technical SEO plan for a site and then have it come back from development all messed up? There truly is no win in making a set of SEO recommendations and throwing it over the wall to the development team. The results come back wrong a stunningly high percentage of the time. There are many reasons for this, but some of the most important ones are: The development … [Read more...]

More on the Topic of Paid Links

Here is a great post from SEO Blackhat titled Don’t Buy Links - Buy the Whole Site. It offers some good and practical advice about paid links. Here is a great summary quote from the post: Generally, the sites you can still buy links from that can pass link juice (help you site rank in the SERPs) will be small to medium sites with a single owner or decision maker. This confirms what I have been saying for … [Read more...]