10 Things To Expect from a Good SEO Firm

Last week I posted about 11 Ways to Recognize a Bad SEO Firm. This week, in response to many requests, I am going to turn it around and talk about a set of things to look for in identifying a good SEO firm. Unfortunately, it is much more difficult to be declarative when looking at this side of the coin. There may be more things that you will need from your SEO firm than are listed below. Every web site … [Read more...]

11 Ways to Recognize a Bad SEO Firm

There are lots of different people out there calling themselves SEOs. Some of them are actually really good. But, for today, let's take a look at 11 sure fire signs that your dealing with a bad one: Focuses a lot of energy on meta keywords. Yes, they are still out there - SEOs that think that meta keywords are the best thing going. Offers to do a lot of search engine submissions for you. These will … [Read more...]

Authoritative Social Media Content

The process for winning on Digg (and other social media sites) is a complex one. This has been made even more complex by recent changes in the Digg algorithm. Many webmasters strive to develop content that will score well on Digg, looking for tons of traffic, and lots of links. The first key, obviously, is to truly deliver value to the audience. Since we are not going to cover this aspect of social … [Read more...]

How To Win An iPod Touch at SES New York!

Update: We had to change the give away from an iPhone to an iPod Touch, due to the fact that you can only buy an iPhone together with a 2 year service agreement. It made the process a bit too complicated. However, we have upped the memory to 16GB, so it has the exact same value. Once again, Stone Temple Consulting is putting its foosball reputation on the line and giving away a pair of 16 GB iPod Touch's … [Read more...]