Site Search Provides Powerful User Intelligence

Site search data can be a huge resource for web publishers. For a large number of site this is a greatly under-utilized resource. Many sites put a site search capability on their web site, and then forget about it. So much opportunity left on the table. The opportunity comes from looking at your site search data to see what it tells you about your users, and how they are looking at your site. To … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Vanessa Fox

Vanessa Fox has remained a prominent industry figure after leaving Google, where she led the development of Google Webmaster Tools. Recently Vanessa and I found time to sit and talk about Holistic Online Marketing Feel free to ask questions or discuss it below. … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Matt Cutts

During my recent trip to SMX Advanced, I sat down with Google's Matt Cutts to discuss link building. In the discussion, we covered a wide variety of white hat link building techniques. What makes this interesting is the insight is provides on what Matt considers to be White Hat. Check it out, and then comment below if you want to discuss it. … [Read more...]

5 Reasons to Not Use Black Hat Tactics

Lisa Barone wrote an awesome post titled: SMX Advanced Goes to the Dark Side. With 60 comments (and counting), including several by Danny Sullivan, the discussion thread is fascinating as well. At the end of it all, it looks like the consensus is that the event was a bit more black hat than many people, including Danny, wanted. One thing that I came to understand during the show is what people want when … [Read more...]

No Use for Mediocrity

I just finished reading a post from Half's SEO Notebook titled Your Obsession to Rank Higher is the Final Nail in Your Coffin. The whole post is a rant against those who don't see that they need to do something special with their web sites, and who are, well, obsessed only with ranking higher. As he aptly puts it: "If making money is your only goal on the web, I don't want you as a client", and "I don't … [Read more...]

Going to SMX Advanced

I am on the plane out to SMX Advanced in Seattle. This is Daany Sullivan's second take at this show, which is targeted at more advanced SEOs and web marketers. As we all head out to Seattle, we all have the same thing in our mind - will the food be as good as it was last year? Hey, it's important! More seriously, I am looking forward to some of the sessions. The You&A with Matt Cutts is ab obvious one … [Read more...]