Digging Deeper for Contact Info

Eric Ward put a post up on Search Engine Land called: The Link Building Kiss of Death. In this post Eric talks about the types of email addresses which are just poor ones to use when emailing someone with information about your site (a request of a link). Some of the examples … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Peter Nieforth

My latest interview is with Peter Nieforth the CEO of Vitrium Systems. Vitrium is pushing on a new concept of document analytics. The idea is to be able to track what is happening to a document you distribute via the web (usually a PDF file) and see how much a person has read … [Read more...]

Using SEO to Generate Assets

For me, SEO is about asset creation. Whenever we work with a client site, we treat it like an asset. In short, the site is never treated as an item that we could potentially throw away. Once you start thinking this way, you become risk averse. But that is not the only thing … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Aaron Wall

In this week's interview, I sat down with Aaron Wall and spoke about what it takes to get your ideas (and point of view to spread). He knows a thing or two about this, and is the only person I know who has 2 pages listed on the first page of Google results for the search phrase … [Read more...]

Rank Checking – NOT

We don't focus on rank tracking when we work on a project. Sure, we do some of it, but it's simply not the goal. One of the biggest problems with it is that it becomes a big distraction. People will spend endless hours poring through rank tracking reports, and at the end of it … [Read more...]

Theory Ain’t Execution

There is a lot of free SEO advice out there. If you look in the right places, and no how to judge what you are reading, it's also pretty easy to filter out the good advice v.s. the bad advice. So, how is a poor publisher supposed to thrive in an environment where so many people … [Read more...]