Brent Payne Interview: Comment Here

I am embarking on a series of interviews to cover enterprise SEO. This week I am publishing an interview with Brent Payne of the Tribune Company. In it, we explore some of the unique challenges of SEO for a major national network of news properties, as well as some of the unique solutions to the problems that Brent encounters. ... Read More >

Josh Cohen Interview: Comment Here

In this interview with Josh Cohen of Google News, we go into a lot of detail on the inner workings of Google News. Perhaps the most interesting bit of information was confirmation that Google uses click data as a ranking factor for Google News. If the Google News team is using it, it seems likely that the web team is using it as well. This is something that has been long suspected, but I am not sure I have seen it confirmed before. We also cover other aspects of what Google News requires, and how it ... Read More >

The Disproportionate Value of Deep Links

The impact of a few deep links appears be greater than what you might first expect. In today's post I am going to explore why that may be the case, and how to leverage it. First let me go into my theory on the matter. For this example, let's assume we have a high PR home page (PR7, 8 or 9). Let's say it has 3 layers of content, consisting of an upper layer (categories), a 2nd layer (sub-categories) and a 3rd layer (detailed content). If we apply the traditional PageRank algorithm, even the 2nd layer ... Read More >

The Art of SEO

One of our clients forward me an email message yesterday. The subject of the email was: "Fwd: Your order has shipped (#102-2280136-1739409)". I scratched my head when I saw it, wondering what it could possibly be. Then I opened the email and saw these wonderful words: "FYI, your book is now shipping :) Look forward to reading it" Sweet! You can order your own copy here. ... Read More >

SEMPO Mobile White Paper

Recently SEMPO released a white paper on the mobile market. The paper references data from comScore which shows tremendous growth (what a surprise!). The comScore data reveals that in May of 2009 more than 64.2 million in the US accessed the mobile Internet, a significant uptick from 36.8 million users from January of 2008, or a Neilsen study that showes 42.5 million users in July of 2008. This is a full 28% of US wireless subscribers, and 30% of all desktop Internet users. Mobile advertising related ... Read More >

Interviewed by Richard Baxter

While I am known for interviewing lots of different people I recently got interviewed by Richard Baxter of SEO Gadget. In it, I speak about how I got started in SEO, and my favorite interviews. Richard also does a great job on an ongoing basis on the SEO Gadget blog. Check it out! ... Read More >

Less is More

One of the fascinating trends of the 21st century (more or less) is the fact that "less is more". This saying has been around for a long time, but this decade has brought it to new heights. In our industry there are two stunning examples. One of the best examples is Google: A quick spot check shows that Google currently has a market cap of $163 Billion. As we all know, a lot of technology goes into allowing Google to provide such a simple interface, and also to put them in ... Read More >

Obscuring the Algorithm

The Google algorithm is evolving. Gone are the days when you can read a single patent, or a document like the PageRank thesis writen by Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin to figure out how it all works. That PageRank paper was at the time a revolutionary algorithm, and it launched the dominant search engine of our generation. However, it also launched a generation of spammers. The reason is that people could read the paper and understand how it worked, and then make SEO decisions based around ... Read More >

Chris Silver Smith Interview: Comment Here

It seems like forever since I last posted an interview. Take this one as a heads up that I do intend to reinvigorate the interview series over the next month or two. They are too much fun to do, and very useful in digging up information on search. Today I am publishing an interview with Chris Silver Smith of KeyRelevance. It is a great discussion on the ins and outs of local search. A former employee, Chris has an insider's knowledge of how this all works. Don't miss it! ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Eytan Seidman – Comment Here

Search can take many forms. That is what is interesting about, as it offers comprehensive hotel reviews. These are reviews performed by professional hotel reviewers - not user generated content where the bias of the reviewer is unclear. Just as Consumer Reports puts the products it reviews through rigorous testing, Oyster puts the effort in to put the hotels it reviews through a well thought out battery of tests. A couple of weeks back I did an interview with Eytan Seidman, who was a ... Read More >