Latest Interview: Google’s Rajat Mukherjee – Comment Here

This week's interview is with Google's Dr. Rajat Mukherjee. It was a chance for me to get a fresh look at what has been happening with Google's Custom Search Engine program. Google now has more than one million users for the program. Not bad. Two years ago this number was more like 100,000. In addition, traffic through Custom Search Engines has climbed 100x in the same time frame! Custom Search … [Read more...]

Temporal Nature of Link Building

One oft overlooked factor in link building is how quickly the links will get recognized by search engines. This is important because the speed with which links are recognized determines the time delay between getting the links and seeing improvements in search engine rankings. In today's dollar conscious environment business managers want to know when they are going see a return on their link building … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: InfoUSA’s Pankaj Mathur – Comment Here

I am excited about this week's interview with Pankaj Mathur of InfoUSA. What I got out of it was a really deep look at the true problems related to local search, and the size and complexity of the infrastructure required to deal with it. Read this interview and it should give you a new pespective on the problem too. You can use the link below to comment on the interview. … [Read more...]

Profile Your Own Links

One of the first things we do when we take on a new client is analyze their link profile. You should always do this in the very beginning of an SEO effort. Let's look at a few situations in a bit more detail: A site has 10 thousand links and has a Google Toolbar PR of 4. This is a sure sign of a site that has a lot of low quality links. Note that I did not say "bad" links, but there are very few … [Read more...]

Win an iPod Touch at SES New York

For the second year running, Stone Temple Consulting is putting its foosball reputation on the line and giving away a pair of 8 GB iPod Touch’s to the winners of our "Foosball Challenge" at SES New York on the 24th (Tuesday) and 25th (Wednesday) of March. The plan is the same as last year, and here are the details of how to participate Step One: Come to SES New York. Lots of good reasons for you to come … [Read more...]