Distribute Your Link Sources

Imagine you want to establish yourself as a true leader in your market space. However, the market space has been around for a few years, and there are other sites that have already established themselves as leaders. A natural thing to do is to backlink those leaders (i.e. use a tools such as LinkScape to get a map of who links to … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Microsoft’s Dr. Scott Prevost – Comment Here

This week I am publishing a recent interview with Microsoft's Dr. Scott Prevost. Scott is the principal development manager in the Powerset group at Microsoft. I used this discussion to get some insight into what Powerset is about, and how Microsoft intends to use it as a part of their core search technology in the future. Powerset … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: YouTube PMs – Comment Here

One of my recent interviews was with Tracy Chan and Matthew Liu of YouTube. Some of the areas discussed include: YouTube Insight's Popularity feature YouTube Insight's Discovery functionality YouTube Insight's Demographics tool The ability to export data from YouTube Insight How Promoted Videos can help you launch a video Other … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: John Mueller – Comment Here

This week I get to post an interview with well known Googler John Mueller. John works in the Google Zurich office and has a lot of insight into the inner workings of the Google algorithms as well as their webmaster guidelines and policies. Our interview was laser focused on the issue of cloaking, as well as First Click Free. We … [Read more...]

Trust and Link Building

One of the things that is evolving in my philosophy of SEO is how I look at the role of trust. Trust was not something that was important during AltaVista's hey day, when keyword density was king, or even during the early days of Google when PageRank in its purest form ruled the day. Another big thing in my mind these days is that … [Read more...]

Latest Interview: Sarah Bird – Comment Here

After a brief break from posting regular interviews, I am back at it! This week I have a great one, with Sarah Bird of SEOmoz. As a general counsel, Sarah handles a variety of different legal issues, and there are some issues that face both those who work as SEO professionals and the companies that engage them. For example, we … [Read more...]