Why PageRank Sculpting Died

I was a bit suprised with the recent change in the NoFollow policy at Google. For a couple of years it seemed so clear. Google was allowing you to provide them information on what pages on your site you considered most important. I wrote about this recently for Search Engine Watch in a post called Should you still use NoFollow?. In retrospect I believe what it comes down to is this - Google wants you to use your information arthitecture to communicate to users what are the most important pages on your ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Google’s Peter Linsley – Comment Here

Data from Hitwise for February of 2009 shows that the top three search properties owned by Google are: Search Property$ of All Google Traffic Google68.42% YouTube9.41% Google Image Search5.76% This means that Google Image Search has about 8% of the traffic of Google Web Search. For people with image rich sites this means there is a substantial opportunity. Bear in mind that the number of people competing for that image search volume is much less. The size and scope of this opportunity is what makes ... Read More >