The Stone Temple Cup Challenge

Last year at SES San Jose we held the first annual foosball smackdown event. The best and the brightest of Yahoo! and Google have again decided to step up to the challenge. Last year Yahoo! won and Google is itching for revenge. At stake is the coveted Stone Temple Cup, and surely every foosball player wants to have their names engraved for the sake of posterity. The event will take place at the Networking Reception in the Exhibit Hall between 5:30 and 6:30. I will post the exact location as soon as ... Read More >

Why PageRank Sculpting Died

I was a bit suprised with the recent change in the NoFollow policy at Google. For a couple of years it seemed so clear. Google was allowing you to provide them information on what pages on your site you considered most important. I wrote about this recently for Search Engine Watch in a post called Should you still use NoFollow?. In retrospect I believe what it comes down to is this - Google wants you to use your information arthitecture to communicate to users what are the most important pages on your ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Google’s Peter Linsley – Comment Here

Data from Hitwise for February of 2009 shows that the top three search properties owned by Google are: Search Property$ of All Google Traffic Google68.42% YouTube9.41% Google Image Search5.76% This means that Google Image Search has about 8% of the traffic of Google Web Search. For people with image rich sites this means there is a substantial opportunity. Bear in mind that the number of people competing for that image search volume is much less. The size and scope of this opportunity is what makes ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Yahoo’s Dennis Mortensen – Comment Here

The interview for this week is with Yahoo!'s Dennis Mortensen. Now that IndexTools has been part of Yahoo! for more than a year, and the product is now called Yahoo! Web Analytics, I thought it would be great to catch up with Dennis again. One of the very cool things that now makes up the current product is integrated demographic data. Yahoo! Web Analytics now integrates data from the rest of the Yahoo! network of web sites, so site owners can get a view into the age, gender, types of interests, and ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Enquisite’s Richard Zwicky – Comment Here

I recently spoke with Richard Zwicky about the Enquisite and the newly emerging field of search analytics. Search analytics is a close cousin to web analytics, but with some key differences. Both use a Javascript tag to collect data about what is taking place on your site, and both use that data to build reports and analyze the data. Where the difference comes in is that search analytics are focused specifically on the needs of search marketers, and this specialized focus allows it to go much deeper in ... Read More >

Google Local Business Center Adds Detailed Statistics

GLBC Report Link

Sometime last week Google introduced a fascinating new feature into one of the Local Business Center accounts I manage for a client.  I haven't seen anything written about this among the Local blogger community, or on the Google blogs, so this appears to be a bit of a stealth feature that Google is testing quietly. The following links showed up in this GLBC account (and notably not in any others I use) around the middle of last week: Clicking on one of the "View Report" links leads to a detailed set ... Read More >

Distribute Your Link Sources

Imagine you want to establish yourself as a true leader in your market space. However, the market space has been around for a few years, and there are other sites that have already established themselves as leaders. A natural thing to do is to backlink those leaders (i.e. use a tools such as LinkScape to get a map of who links to your competitor). The next thing that people often do is to start contacting people at the best sites (with the most link juice) that link to the competitor. No question that ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Microsoft’s Dr. Scott Prevost – Comment Here

This week I am publishing a recent interview with Microsoft's Dr. Scott Prevost. Scott is the principal development manager in the Powerset group at Microsoft. I used this discussion to get some insight into what Powerset is about, and how Microsoft intends to use it as a part of their core search technology in the future. Powerset focuses on natural language search, which is a concept that certainly has a lot of potential. At the moment, the amount of this technology that has been integrated into Live ... Read More >

Latest Interview: YouTube PMs – Comment Here

One of my recent interviews was with Tracy Chan and Matthew Liu of YouTube. Some of the areas discussed include: YouTube Insight's Popularity feature YouTube Insight's Discovery functionality YouTube Insight's Demographics tool The ability to export data from YouTube Insight How Promoted Videos can help you launch a video Other tactics for driving video views YouTube video optimization basics All in all, a pretty good primer for learning about how to get started with YouTube. ... Read More >

Latest Interview: John Mueller – Comment Here

This week I get to post an interview with well known Googler John Mueller. John works in the Google Zurich office and has a lot of insight into the inner workings of the Google algorithms as well as their webmaster guidelines and policies. Our interview was laser focused on the issue of cloaking, as well as First Click Free. We discuss many different aspects of cloaking, such as: Replace bad URLs (with session IDs and superflous URLs) with SE friendly URLS. Multivariate testing Rendering content ... Read More >