New Ranking Signals: Google Preview,

Google does an awesome job in creating new signals for itself. Two recent ones have caught my attention: 1. Google Preview: You can see what this looks like here: Once you enter a search result in, if you click on the magnifying glass you see a preview of the web page before you click through on it and decide to visit it. What is interesting about this is that users will need to move their cursor to the magnifying glass and click on it to see the preview. This is just as ... Read More >

Interview with Matt Mickiewicz

At the recent Elite Retreat in San Francisco I had the chance to spend time with Matt Mickiewicz, the founder of SitePoint, 99designs, and As I learned more about what he has done I thought it would be a great story to share in an interview. The things you can learn from this interview are invaluable in understanding how to build a successful Interwebs business. It may not be SEO advice, but it is invaluable just the same. I have long believed that its so easy to get advice these days. ... Read More >