Rand Fishkin and Eric Discuss Panda

This week's interview is with Rand Fishkin of SEOmoz, who is also co-author with me for The Art of SEO book which we wrote together with Stephan Spencer and Jessie Stricchiola. In the interview we discuss Google's Panda release in depth. This includes: Machine Learning Algorithms Google's use of Social Data User Interaction With Your Site Advertising and Panda What Makes a Good Page? Does … [Read more...]

Bing's Stefan Weitz: A Web of Verbs, Not Nouns!

I recently asked Stefan Weitz to sit down with me for an interview and he came back to me with this interesting idea - a discussion on the shift from a web of nouns to a web of verbs. I knew I was in for an interesting ride even before the interview started! The interview itself was no dissapointment. We dig deep into a wide range of topics and Stefan lays out some interesting ideas on how search is going … [Read more...]

Interview Series Reborn – Seriously!

OK, I know I have said this several times now, but ... The Eric Enge interview series is hereby reborn. With the continuing growth of Stone Temple Consulting, we now have the staff in place to give this the atention it deserves. This means two things: A solid active stream of interviews More attention to the editing/cleanup/annotation of the content I am really excited to get this going. It gives me … [Read more...]