adCenter's Mantra: ROI on Time Spent, Interview With Rathna Sharad

Key Points from Interview with Rathna Sharad The first person I met with during my week at Microsoft in January was Rathna Sharad. This was a great start because she set the tone for all of the interviews I did. In the discussion below you will see key insights into the thinking behind the overall adCenter strategy. Here are some of the other key points from the interview: "The Web UI is good for a couple thousand keywords, maybe even up to ten thousand keywords in an account." "If you have tens of ... Read More >

Author Authority and Social Media with Bing's Paul Yiu

best mac antivirus softwareKey Points from Interview with Paul Yiu Tons of discussion in here about how social media can impact search results. While the author authority discussion is near the end I am going to highlight it first here (Twitter was the specific social network discussed), because there is a LOT of confirmation of how author authority works: Bing does look at the number of followers you have. They also look at the number of people you follow. If you follow 200 people and 8,000 follow ... Read More >