Background of STC

Stone Temple Consulting (STC) has been providing SEO Consulting services since 2002. STC has worked with a wide range of clients, ranging from small silicon valley start-ups, to Fortune 25 companies. STC has three executives, Eric Enge (CEO), Elizabeth Dill (CFO), Kami Hess (VP Client Services), and a team of senior Senior Marketing Consultants (SMCs), who provide digital marketing services for the company’s clients. The SMCs include:

STC helps its clients implement search engine friendly sites, that are rich in content, and also helps clients market their sites effectively to attract lots of high quality links. STC also provides search engine marketing (PPC) services, and designs and implements blogs. Our approach has a proven and repeatable track record of success.

STC relies solely on SEO methods that comply with the search engines’ terms of service. This means that the company does not buy links, or engage in link swap campaigns, and also does not attempt to trick the search engines into providing sites with artificially high rankings. These are practices that may temporarily lift search engine rankings, but in the long term are harmful to your business. Whereas with the approach used by STC, the rankings you gain through our efforts tend to be stable, and secure.

Eric Enge – CEO

Eric Enge has been working as an SEO professional since 2002. During that time he has built four self funded startups to sizable publishing ventures and completed successful exits for three entities so far. In addition, Eric founded Stone Temple Consulting and grew it into a well known Internet Marketing Optimization firm serving companies ranging from promising young startups to Fortune 100 companies. You can learn more about Eric here.

Laura Ackerman – Senior Marketing Consultant

Laura works with STC clients to strategize and develop content marketing programs and lead the creation of engaging, quality campaigns to garner high-value brand awareness. Laura’s 15+ years of public relations experience is the foundation of her insight into the way to reach influencers and online publishers.

Prior to joining STC, Laura held management positions at a number of leading area public relations firms, Rainier Communications, Schwartz MSL, FuseIdeas and Kel & Partners. She has represented an array of small and large organizations at these agencies, including organizations like, Red Hat, HBO, Wells Fargo, ESPN Deportes and Honeywell.

She has won a number of PR industry awards, most recently the 2013 New England Pub Club’s Platinum Super Bell – the PR industry’s “Best in Show” for PR campaign of the year– for her work with Adapteva, leading the PR and social media efforts that raised $900K on Kickstarter. Laura’s expertise also includes:

  • 15+ years of relationship building with industry analysts, reporters, bloggers and key influencers and placement of thousands of articles on behalf of her clients.
  • 15+ years representing technology clients and gaining expertise in numerous fields (wireless, security, storage, open source, telecommunications, supply chain, manufacturing, marketing/advertising technologies and semiconductors)
  • 10+ years leading message creation for mission critical organizational collateral development (speaking, website information, investor presentations, etc.)
  • 10+ years creative content developments (blogs, bylines, social media updates, video scripts, etc.)
  • 6+ years advising clients on effective social media campaign strategies for building and maintaining online communities

Kathy Brown – Senior Marketing Consultant

Kathy Brown has 20 years of industry experience. For the last 10 years she focused on Web Operations and Development at Sun Microsystems in both Technical and Business Management roles. She has extensive experience working with cross functional teams and leading successful projects. Her introduction to SEO came through a consulting practice that helped entrepreneurs build and market websites, and she started consulting for StoneTemple on a part time basis in 2008. Kathy is now consulting for StoneTemple full time.

  • Support & Consulting – Ingres (1989 – 1994): Starting in Frontline, rapidly progressed to a position as a Backline Support Engineer. In 1992 relocated to Australia for 2 years to provide senior expertise to the newly formed support organization and account management to key customers.
  • Support & QA Manager – Forte Software (1994 – 2000): Was part of a management team that scaled up a Support organization to meet growing demand. In 1998, changed positions to take over QA management for Forte’s Software Products.
  • Engineering Manager – Sun Microsystems (2001 – 2007): Launched the Forte for Java Web Portal with half the original staff and budget. In 2003 took on management of the suite of Sun’s developer websites and oversaw a consolidation of the developer websites into the core web developer properties: and, reducing the hosting costs by 60K a month.
  • Web Identity Management – Sun Microsystems (2006 – 2009): Initially provided Technical Project Management for the external Web Identity Management Project, then as the project grew in importance, took on the business ownership of the program, and then the engineering manager role as well. By late 2009 the repository had grown to 12 million accounts and provided several million authentications to external users a month.
  • Senior Marketing Consultant with Stone Temple Consulting (2008-Present)

Kristina Ferrari-Barrett – Senior Marketing Consultant

Kristina works with our clients to increase their brand awareness by developing their content marketing strategies and creating relevant, engaging, high quality campaigns and amplify the results through social media channels and influencer relationships. Kristina draws on her 15 + years of digital, social and traditional marketing experience to produce successful campaign results.

Prior to STC, Kristina spent more than 10 years working at Nokia where she developed Global experience managing complex customer relationships across a variety of channels which consists of: content, social, word-of-mouth, multi-channel, influencer, email, video, print and mobile marketing. This included:

  • 5+ years developing and running several consumer forums and communities and increasing membership and participation
  • 5+ years creating integrated marketing campaigns that socially engage the client’s target audience, drive brand awareness, and help gain consumer insight.
  • 3+ years planning, managing and promoting online and offline events
  • 3+ years guiding small businesses and non-profits on marketing strategy, social media marketing, content development, branding, SEO, customer acquisition and retention, webinar program development, and inbound marketing

Art Gould – Senior Marketing Consultant

Art Gould consults with Stone Temple Consulting on Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Networking and Marketing Strategy. Art has over 25 years of high technology experience in a wide variety of roles, including hands-on development, development management, software product management, and developer program management. He has also been taught computer science and co-founded a startup. His accomplishments in a wide variety of settings include:

  • Taking a cold startup from inception to acquisition of five customers.
  • Community and Developer program management (Sun Microsystems, AMD, Inc.)
  • Software product management (Micro Focus, Forte Software, Sun Microsystems)
  • Software sales engineering and consulting (MicroFocus)
  • Adjunct faculty in computer science (De Paul University)
  • Mission-critical Corporate experience (Sears, American Hospital Supply, Baxter Healthcare)
    • Application Development Manager
    • Project Leader
    • Quality Consultant
    • Hands-on application development
  • 1 patent pending
  • Senior Marketing Consultant with Stone Temple Consulting (2008-Present)

Jim Parent – Senior Marketing Consultant

Jim has 7 years experience in web site programming, design, and development and 20 years experience in the Consumer Products industry. His experience includes:

  • Senior Marketing Consultant at Stone Temple Consulting (2007-Present)
    • Specializing in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing
  • 7 Years as President of East Bay Computing (2001-2007)
    • Webmaster for Spanworks( 2001-2003)
    • Webmaster for Motorsports Market (2003-2007)
    • Designed and programmed the first California DMV approved an on-line
      certification program for car dealers
  • 20 years in consumer products industry, first as an engineer, and then as
    manager of product and process development. (1980 – 2000)
    • 3 Years as Process Development Engineer for Clorox Household Products
    • 7 Years as Manager of Product and Process Development for the Kingsford
      Products Company
    • Awarded 6 design and utility patents
    • 4 years as Manufacturing Services Manager for Clorox Household Products
    • Led the rollout of Lotus Notes for the Clorox Company’s manufacturing
      standards system.
    • 6 years as Manager of Product and Process Development for Combat Products

Tom Perella – Senior Marketing Consultant

Tom has over 38 years of high technology experience in a wide spectrum of management, instructional, technical, and non-technical roles. His long career working for U.S. Navy research laboratories in a variety of management and technical positions has been supplemented by his work for other organizations as a teacher, inventor, and writer. He currently works at Stone Temple Consulting as a Search Analyst. His accomplishments include:

  • ASW Systems Shipboard Test Team program manager (Naval Underwater Systems Center)
  • Lead software developer of shipboard performance test tools for U.S. Navy
  • President and Founding Principal of Above Board Concepts
    • Provides game ideas, concepts, and inventions to large and small companies (incl Hasbro, Mattel, Pressman, etc)
  • Branch Supervisor (Naval Undersea Warfare Center)
  • CAD/CAM Computer Network Administrator
  • Mathematical modeling project leader
  • Freelance writer (various websites)
  • Application programmer (Java, C++, Pascal, Fortran, MIPS and other machine assembly languages)
  • Adjunct faculty in mathematics and computer science (Salve Regina University, Bristol Community College)
  • Senior Marketing Consultant with Stone Temple Consulting (2008-Present)

Rob Pirozzi

Rob has over 25 years of high technology experience in various management, marketing, sales, and technical roles. His experience includes:

  • Principal Search Analyst at Stone Temple Consulting (2007-Present)
    • Specializing in Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing
  • 4 Years as Founding Principal of WorldRech Marketing (2003-2007)
    • Provided web marketing and freelance writing services to clients
  • 12 years with IBM/Lotus Development Corp. (1991-2003)
    • IBM Software Account Manager
    • Lotus Certified Consulting IT Specialist
    • Lotus District Technical Manager
    • Lotus District Manager, Strategic Solutions Sales
    • Lotus Product Sales Manager
    • Lotus cc:Mail Account Executive
    • Lotus Program Manager, Communications Products Sales Education
  • 9 Years in High Technology with Banyan Systems, Prime Computer, and Epsilon Data Management
    • Marketing management
    • Sales
    • Technical support of sales
    • Application programmer

Andrea Shoemaker – Senior Marketing Consultant

Andrea has over 7 years experience in digital marketing, managing and overseeing various marketing channels for clients and in-house including: SEO, AdWords and display campaigns, e-marketing and newsletters, affiliates, and social media. Prior to STC Andrea worked as the Digital Marketing Manager at Valassis Communications, where she managed the growth of a newsletter list to more than 520,000 subscribers, managed SEO efforts, and created affiliate programs. Prior to Valassis, she worked as a Project Manager for Goverments Corp.

Charley Spektor – Senior Marketing Consultant

Charley Spektor began his career in marketing management in 1999, while he was the managing editor of the award-winning Network World enterprise computing magazine, published by the global tech-publishing firm International Data Group (IDG). Charley developed and managed a content-based online product that grew into the flagship revenue generator for the Network World website.

In 2001, Charley joined the fledgling TechTarget Corporation in Needham, Massachusetts, and rolled out a highly profitable product line of white papers aimed at enterprise computer professionals who run the data networks at large and mid-size corporations worldwide. The white paper product line became the #1 revenue and profit driver for TechTarget, which went public in a highly successful IPO in 2007.

When he is not working on behalf of Stone Temple clients, Charley can usually be found pursuing his interests in long-distance running, just-plain walking, and reading.

Clark Taylor – Senior Marketing Consultant

Clark Taylor has 20+ years experience in marketing and business development, with more than 10 of those years as a professional digital marketer. He has worked both in-house and as a consultant, starting successful online marketing programs for dozens of companies in various B2B and B2C industries including biotechnology, education, health and fitness, legal, finance and more. He has extensive experience with large, complicated sites, various content management systems, E-commerce SEO in ultra-competitive industries, remarketing/retargeting and social commerce. A summary of this experience includes:

  • 10+ years hands-on SEO and PPC management
  • More than 50 online marketing audits of professional business websites
  • 5 years developing, directing and consulting on SEO strategy
  • 5 years developing, directing and consulting on social media strategy
  • 5 years integrating digital marketing with traditional marketing channels
  • 5 years staff development, training and education specific to digital marketing
  • 2 years brand reputation monitoring, management and strategy
  • 3 years as a professional agency consultant

Brian Weiss – Senior Marketing Consultant

Brian Weiss has nine years of experience in the digital marketing field, running the gamut from creating media for local mom and pop businesses to providing website architecture specifications for a Fortune 20 company. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin with a double major in Business Management and Psychology, Brian started his career in digital media production, including a stint running his own video production business, before moving into website content writing and SEO consulting for a Milwaukee based digital agency.

His most recent experience before joining Stone Temple includes holding a consultant position at Performics, an international SEM agency, and being head of SEO for OpticsPlanet, a top 160 online retailer with $100+ million in annual online sales. Brian has a unique combination of marketing know-how and technical SEO aptitude within the digital marketing industry, having done online branding and content development for some of the most highly trafficked websites in the world, as well as managing massively complex, site-wide structural changes for multiple top 200 online retailers.

STC’s Social Media Pages

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