Web Analytics Update

As an update to our post of yesterday about Web Analytics, Google recently announced that on their Google Analytics blog that open access is now available to all. For many months now users have had to apply and wait for weeks or even months to get a Google Analytics account. So this is good news for those of you who have been waiting to get in. Head on over to the Google Analytics site and get started! ... Read More >

Web Analytics

I read this morning two recent posts about problems with Analytics on other SEO blogs. Reading these posts has caused me to add my own thoughts to the fray. One of these two posts was done by Michael Martinez at SEOMoz, and it titled How Reliable is Google Analytics. In it Michael presents some puzzling data about traffic levels reported by Google Analytics (GA) and what he sees in his log files. Google Analytics, it seems, is significantly under-reporting traffic. In addition, GA is seeing dramatic ... Read More >