Videos in Blended Search

This post is a follow-up to last weeks post on Images in Blended Search. Today, however, we will focus on videos in blended search. As with last week's analysis, we will look at 10 different search terms to see how each of the four largest search engines behave in response to those queries. Here is the raw data: Yahoo tom brady video shows 2 of them, as 1st and 3rd result, both from … [Read more...]

Images In Blended Search

This post is going to take a look at how far the top 4 search engines have gone with integrating images into their blended search results. I've put it together as part of my background research for my presentation at SMX West on the panel on images and blended search. What I did was take 10 different search terms and tried them out. One of the search terms ended with the word "pics", four ended with … [Read more...]