Latest Interview: Aaron Wall

In this week's interview, I sat down with Aaron Wall and spoke about what it takes to get your ideas (and point of view to spread). He knows a thing or two about this, and is the only person I know who has 2 pages listed on the first page of Google results for the search phrase SEO. Check the interview out, and if you have any comments you can plug them in below. ... Read More >

WordPress Automatic Update Rocks!

Back in December I did a blog post about Updating to Wordpress 2.3.1. I noted in that post that I waited a long time to do the update because I knew it would be a somewhat painful process. I probably spent an hour getting the stage set (backing things up including the database), and reading and re-reading the instructions. I then completed the actual update in about 2 hours. Not horrible, but still not something you do on a whim. Ironically, 2.3.2 came out within a week or so of my doing the update. ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Bill Flitter Podcast

Recently I put a podcast together with Pheedo's Bill Flitter. Bill is the CEO of Pheedo and shared his insights on how RSS is being used, and also provides advice on promotion of your feed. Once you are done reading or listening, you can comment on the podcast below. ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Avinash Kaushik

Avinash Kaushik and I sat down recently to discuss key blogging tips. This is my third discussion and interview with Avinash. Last year we did a Podcast about competitive intelligence tools, and after that we had a detailed discussion about web analytics. Avinash is one of the brightest people in our industry, and is very enjoyable to talk to, as each conversation provides a wealth of valuable information. Please feel free to comment on the interview using the discussion using the link below. ... Read More >

Upgrading to WordPress 2.3.1

For the longest time I let my blog remain on the 2.02 version of Wordpress. One of the reasons that this was the case is that upgrading Wordpress used to feel like a potential nightmare. While I am moderately technical, I am no web server geek by any means, and in the past there were steps in the process that felt like they would require me to be one to make sure everything went smoothly. However, when I checked out the procedure for upgrading to Wordpress 2.3.1, it suddenly seemed quite a bit easier ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Bloglines Eric Engleman

I recently had the chance to interview Eric Engleman of Bloglines. We discussed the blog market, recently released features, and more. Check it out, and feel free to comment below if you want to discuss it. ... Read More >

Two Golden Rules of Blogging

Our blog is now more than 1 year old. In fact, our first post took place on August 5th, 2006, just before last year's SES San Jose. This post represents the 181st post on the blog. So to commemorate the anniversary of the blog, I thought I'd share a few metrics on how it's worked out for us, and then the why of it all. First, the metrics: On the day we opened the blog, our site showed 34 links in Yahoo!. You got it. 34. Today, we show 26,300 on Yahoo!. This is a pretty substantial growth over ... Read More >

Why You Want to Use Your Blog to Build Trust

Rand just put up a post about The Vast Ocean Between Shoemoney & SEOmoz and Why You Should Be Able To Trust Blog Links. Other than the fact that he singled me out in it, I think it's a great post. I started to write this post as a comment on SEOmoz, but it just got way too long. If you want to read about this topic, read Rand's post, and then come back to this one. I do think there is a balance between the time you invest in blogging and content development, and making a living. When I look at ... Read More >

Technorati Overtaken by Google BlogSearch

Recently, I came across this post at Read/WriteWeb about Technorati's declining traffic. Evidently, Google BlogSearch has overtaken Technorati. The article arrtibutes this happening because Google began promoting Google BlogSearch on the Google home page. One thing that is for certain, when you take a look at the chart they offer on market share of US search traffic, there is a huge spike in the Google BlogSearch numbers right around October 14th, 2006, when Google BlogSearch's market share triples ... Read More >

Big changes at SEOmoz

Big changes are taking place over at SEOmoz. A while back, Rand Fishkin (its CEO), announced that he planned to offer paid content services in the near future. Well the change has happened, and the new SEOmoz site is launched. Premium Membership costs $39 per month or $299 for a year. What you get in return for this is access to premium content and tools, including: The Professional's Guide to Link Building Access to the SEOmoz Crawl Test Tool The ability to compare multiple reports on the same ... Read More >