Latest Interview: Danny Sullivan

My latest interview was a great discussion with Danny Sullivan. I previously interviewed Danny one other time,and these discussions are always interesting and informative. Check out the interview and join the discussion by commenting below. … [Read more...]

Danny Sullivan Interview

Danny Sullivan and I recently spoke about a variety of search industry related topics. We started by talking about Search Engine Land, Search Marketing Expo (SMX), Search Marketing Now, and Sphinn. Then we spent time covering the state of the search marketing industry and … [Read more...]

Search Marketing Expo Announced

And finally, the other pieces fall into place. The team at has announced their Search Marketing Expo conference and Search Marketing Now webcast series. The list of non-surprises continues! The grand master of search engine conferences, Danny Sullivan, has … [Read more...]

Danny Sullivan’s Future

So the news is finally out. Danny Sullivan, Barry Schwartz, and Chris Sherman are going to operate a new web site that provides search news, known as Search Engine Land. Congratulations to the three of you. This will soon be the most read web site in the SEO world. In … [Read more...]