Latest Interview: Eurekster’s Grant Ryan

Following shortly after my recent interview with Steven Marder of Eurkester, I did a follow-up interview with Grant Ryan of Eurekster. The interview with Steven Marder was what I consider an introductory course on social search. The interview with Grant is the advanced course. You can comment on the interview below. ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Eurekster’s Steven Marder

Recently I had the chance to interview Steven Marder of Eurkester. Eurekster is a true pioneer in the field of social search. The interview provides some great insights to the lessons that they have learned so far, and how this space is likely to evolve over time. Check the interview out to learn more. You can comment on the interview below. ... Read More >

Interview with Vertical Search Engine Pioneer Grant Ryan

Recently, we had the chance to speak with Eurekster’s Grant Ryan. One of the most interesting topics of our discussion was Grant's description of the innovative contextual advertising model implemented by Eurekster. This model is designed to take advantage of the context information that is inherent in the design of each Swicki (Eurekster's name for their vertical search engines). You can read the full interview transcript here. This post will discuss the impact of Eurekster's advertising model. What ... Read More >