Interview with Google’s Frederick Vallaeys

A couple of weeks back I interviewed Frederick Vallaeys, who is a Senior Product Specialist for Google AdWords. We covered a wide range of topics, with a review of some recent product announcements, and also some tips and tricks. In this post, I will summarize the main points of the interview, but do read the full interview if you want the details. Universal Search for AdWords: The AdWords team is actively looking at the types of things that have worked in the organic search results. Clearly the ... Read More >

29 Tidbits from my Interview of Matt Cutts

It is always a pleasure when I get a chance to sit down with Matt Cutts. Google's Webspam chief is always willing to share what he can for the benefit of webmasters and publishers. In this interview we focused on discussing crawling and indexation in detail. Starting with this interview, I have also decided to provide the interview series with a bit of a new look. I am going to continue to publish the full transcript of interviews in the STC Articles Feed and on the articles page on our site, but I am ... Read More >

Will Google make page speed a ranking factor?

Google is obsessed with speed. A tremendous amount of corporate energy is being put into initiatives to speed up the web. Google's Let's make the web faster web page asks the question "What would be possible if browsing the web was as fast as turning the pages of a magazine?". This clues us in to their goal - instant response. To see Google engineers talk about this, check out the 3 1/2 minute video on this page. You can also check out the video on this page which includes the statement that 100 ... Read More >

Josh Cohen Interview: Comment Here

In this interview with Josh Cohen of Google News, we go into a lot of detail on the inner workings of Google News. Perhaps the most interesting bit of information was confirmation that Google uses click data as a ranking factor for Google News. If the Google News team is using it, it seems likely that the web team is using it as well. This is something that has been long suspected, but I am not sure I have seen it confirmed before. We also cover other aspects of what Google News requires, and how it ... Read More >

Less is More

One of the fascinating trends of the 21st century (more or less) is the fact that "less is more". This saying has been around for a long time, but this decade has brought it to new heights. In our industry there are two stunning examples. One of the best examples is Google: A quick spot check shows that Google currently has a market cap of $163 Billion. As we all know, a lot of technology goes into allowing Google to provide such a simple interface, and also to put them in ... Read More >

Obscuring the Algorithm

The Google algorithm is evolving. Gone are the days when you can read a single patent, or a document like the PageRank thesis writen by Google's Larry Page and Sergey Brin to figure out how it all works. That PageRank paper was at the time a revolutionary algorithm, and it launched the dominant search engine of our generation. However, it also launched a generation of spammers. The reason is that people could read the paper and understand how it worked, and then make SEO decisions based around ... Read More >

Latest Interview: YouTube PMs – Comment Here

One of my recent interviews was with Tracy Chan and Matthew Liu of YouTube. Some of the areas discussed include: YouTube Insight's Popularity feature YouTube Insight's Discovery functionality YouTube Insight's Demographics tool The ability to export data from YouTube Insight How Promoted Videos can help you launch a video Other tactics for driving video views YouTube video optimization basics All in all, a pretty good primer for learning about how to get started with YouTube. ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Google’s Cedric Dupont – Comment Here

This week's interview is with Google's Cedric Dupont, the product manager for Search Wiki. The discussion focused on SearchWiki, and in it he indicated that there is no intention to offer an opt out, and that it could well be used for more general ranking purposes. We did, of course, discuss much more than that!. ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Google’s Brett Crosby

The Google Analytics team recently announced a whole series of updates that focused on new enterprise class features. This included some great stuff, such as segmentation, custom reporting, integrated AdSense reporting, motion charts, and a new API that provides access to almost anything inside GA. I decided to dig a little deeper, and interview Brett Crosby to learn more about it. Check it out and add your comments to the discussion below. ... Read More >

Highlighting the New Google Analytics Release

Google Analytics recently took a huge step forward in the release that they did on October 22nd. I reviewed this with Brett Crosby during an interview recently (that will be published in the near future, but not today). Two of the biggest shortcomings in Google Analytics were the lack of segmentation and the lack of custom reporting. Both of these are now built into the main interface: I know the image is a little hard to see in detail, but notice the segmentation selector ... Read More >