Implementing Custom Meta Descriptions in WordPress

Recently, we did a post about Google's snippets stating that out site will soon be the most read site in the SEO World. Not many people can claim that Google says that about their site. As I pointed out in the discussion, this results from the way that Google builds it's snippets. Google first looks to find text on your page that contains the actual user search query, or something quite close to it. If it does not find such a string of text, it will consider using an ODP description for your page (if ... Read More >

NoODP, NoYahoo

Barry Schwartz reports that Yahoo is on the verge of adding support for the NoODP metatag. This emerged from an interview with Yahoo's Tim Mayer. This is a good step forward, as Yahoo does use the descriptions for sites found in the Open Directory Project on some occasions, and sometimes these descriptions are not that good. Sadly, Yahoo is not implementing a NoYahooDir tag. This is a mistake, as pointed out by Danny Sullivan in this post. What Danny demonstrates is a few examples where directory ... Read More >

The NoIndex Metatag Debate

Matt Cutts has just put out a posting on how search engines handle the "noindex" metatag. He makes some interesting observations about the results as follows: Google doesn’t show the page in any way Ask doesn’t show the page in any way MSN shows a url reference and Cached link, but no snippet. Clicking the cached link doesn’t return anything. Yahoo! shows a url reference and Cached link, but no snippet. Clicking on the cached link returns the cached page. Matt goes on to note that it would be ... Read More >

Robots.txt and Robots Metatags

Telling a search engine to not index a page sounds relatively easy. According to the specs, all you need to do is implement the NOINDEX parameter in your Robots Metatag. Sounds like you're all set. But you might not be. Why? It turns out that if you have also used your Robots.txt file to tell Google to not crawl the pages you have "NOINDEX"ed that Google will ignore the metatags. This is because in Google's algorithms Robots.txt takes precedence over the Robots metatag. Translation: the Robots ... Read More >