Latest Interview: Microsoft’s Dr. Scott Prevost – Comment Here

This week I am publishing a recent interview with Microsoft's Dr. Scott Prevost. Scott is the principal development manager in the Powerset group at Microsoft. I used this discussion to get some insight into what Powerset is about, and how Microsoft intends to use it as a part of their core search technology in the future. Powerset focuses on natural language search, which is a concept that certainly has a lot of potential. At the moment, the amount of this technology that has been integrated into Live ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Angus Norton of Microsoft

This week I am publishing a recent interview with Microsoft's Angus Norton. We start by exploring the recent Silk Road initiative announced by Microsoft at Pubcon 2008. After that, we spend some time speaking about Microsoft's initiatives in search moving forward, and their plans to improve their market share in the future. Check it out! ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Microsoft’s Nathan Buggia

Our interview this week is with Microsoft's Nathan Buggia, the Lead Product Manager of the Live Search Webmaster Center. We go into the Live Search Webmaster Tools in depth. It's a great product, and provides a lot of useful diagnostics. As Nate points out early on, these diagnostics should be helpful in understanding how all search engines view your site, not just Live Search. Check it out! ... Read More >

Microsoft Blocking Ads Targeted at Hispanics?

I received an interesting tip from the folks at, a Latin dating site. According to this post on their site Microsoft AdCenter won't accept Spanish ads or ads that go to pages with Spanish on them. To clarify this a bit further, the issue appears to be with running these types of campaigns in the US itself. Here is the gist of Microsoft's communication with the site owners: The reason for the disapproval is because of the use of a foreign language on the landing page. You are using ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Microsoft’s Mike Nichols

This week's interview is with Mike Nichols of Microsoft. It was an intriguing discussion about image search, Microsoft's new video search, and celebrity search. Read the interview to see what I learned in the discussion, and if you would like to comment on the interview you can do that below. ... Read More >

Latest Interview: Microsoft’s Ramez Naam

My latest interview is with Ramez Naam of Microsoft. The interview focused on core technology improvements recently made my Microsoft to Live Search. It turned into a great discussion that illustrates many of the complexities involved in a modern day search engine. Check out the interview for details. Feel free to comment below if you want to discuss it. ... Read More >

Live Search Local, Maps, and Mobile

Today's post will cover the Local, Maps and Mobile search presentation made by Microsoft at the Searchification event on September 26, 2007. We have also written a post about the Core Improvements in Live Search that you can also read. 1. The presentation was made by Eric Jorgensen, a 13 year veteran of Microsoft: One of the first things that Eric spoke about was Local Search, and the prevalent nature of local searches: As you can see, the data shows that local search queries make up a huge ... Read More >

Core Improvements in Live Search

This post will provide some more info on the September 26, 2007 Searchification event that Microsoft put on. In particular, this post will focus on the core search engine improvements part of the presentation. I will provide some brief comments on each announcement, as well as pictures of the speakers. 1. Introduction by Brad Goldberg. Brad Goldberg, general manager of the Windows Client Product Management Group at Microsoft, who manages the search team from a business perspective, started things off ... Read More >

Microsoft bCentral not accepting new submissions

Barry Schwartz picked up that Microsoft bCentral is no longer accepting new registrations. This is definitely a shame, as it has always been a good directory to get listed in. Microsoft is now referring all small business customers to the Microsoft site. As Barry points out, Microsoft is allowing all existing customers to sustain their existing service. One wonders how long that will last, however. ... Read More >