15 Methods for Paid Link Detection

Many major SEO firms make it a standard practice to recommend the purchasing of links to their clients. The search engines actively discourage this practice, and do their level best to detect those paid links. Here are 15 things they can use as signals that a link is possibly a paid link: Links Labelled as Advertisements: The search engines can scan for nearby text, such as "Advertisement", "Sponsors", "Our Partners", etc. Site Wides: Site wide linking is unnatural, and should be a rare part of your ... Read More >

Should you NOINDEX your RSS feed?

One of the questions you see swirling about the forums and blogs these days is whether or not you should Noindex your RSS feeds to avoid duplicate content problems. The source of the problem is that RSS feeds are being crawled by the search engines. In addition, many people are now recommending that you include the entire content of your articles directly in your feed. You can read more about this in my recent interview of Rick Klau of FeedBurner. So if the search engine sees the content on your site, ... Read More >

Searchology Event Review With Pictures

This is an overview of the day that Google called Searchology (May 16, 2007). In this post I will cover some of the aspects of the event other than the announcements themselves. This will include a series of pictures from my trip to the Googleplex, with some comments about each one, and what Google seemed to be trying to accomplish with the event. 1. The first picture shows the 'Plex as viewed from right outside Building 43, which is where Matt Cutts, Adam Lasnik, and crew reside. The funny thing is ... Read More >

Overview of Google’s Announcements this past Wednesday

May 16th was a fascinating day. I had the pleasure of sitting in on a major press announcement by Google in Mountain View, at an event that Google called "Searchology". In this announcement, Google announced four significant enhancements to search as we know it: Universal Search: This is the biggee. Now when you use Google's web search interface, you will get results from their web index, and from book search, local search, GoogleMaps, image search, news search, and blog search. Some of the highlights ... Read More >

Tomi Poutanen talks about algorithmic and social search

I had a great discussion with Tomi Poutanen last week about the future of algorithmic and social search. Tomi identified 3 challenges faced by algorithmic search: The size of the web they are searching and indexing Subjective queries, such as "what's the best hotel in New York" can't be addressed by algorithmic search The spammers use algotihms too, and there is an inherent arms race between spammers and search engines But Tomi does feel that algorithmic search is still better for navigation and ... Read More >

MAGS 2007 Conference

Yesterday I attended the MAGS 2006 Conference, put on by the Magazine Association of the Southeast. The conference was attended by a wide range of Southeast US based publishers. Some of the publishers in attendance were quite sizable publishers, such as Rodale. I spoke on the topic of SEO, and the session was well received. The audience had tons of questions, and it kept me hopping for about 90 minutes. Many of these companies are actively publishing sites, and are now earnestly looking into how they ... Read More >

Search Engine Rankings Factors

SEOMoz just released version 2 of its Search Engine Ranking Factors article. The content in the article is based on a survey of a number of leading and well known SEOs. The content is truly great. If you want to get a fast primer on what matters most, and what matters least, you can do that quickly and rapidly. In addition, the summary of the most controversial factors is fascinating too. These are the factors which some SEOs thought were very important, and others thought were not important at ... Read More >

SES NY Coming Up!

SES New York begins on April 10th, and as usual, I will be there. A few sessions stand out as being of particular interest to me: Tuesday 9:00 am: Video Search Optimization Tuesday 11:00 am: Podcast and Audio Optimization Wednesday 10:15 am: Web Analytics and Measuring Success Wednesday 3:15 pm: SEO Through Blogs & Feeds Thursday 9:00 am: Social Search Overview Thursday 11:00 am: Social Media Optimization Thursday 2:00 pm: Bookmark Strategies As you can see, I have a strong preference for the ... Read More >

Rand Fishkin Podcast about SEOmoz

Recently I had a chance to speak with Rand Fishkin about the recent changes at SEOmoz, and got an update on the progress. Rand is the well known and popular CEO of SEOmoz, and it was great to be able to sit down and talk to him about it. I have also generated a transcript of the Podcast for those of you that would prefer to read the interview. ... Read More >

You Gotta Have Bid Management

While I usually focus on organic web marketing or web analytics issues in this blog, today I want to talk about bid management. I could be wrong, but I have this sense that it is greatly underutilized in the market. A little over a year ago we sold off a set of sites that we had been operating for a few years. The sites had a very strong organic traffic flow, but we also did a substantial amount of PPC on these sites - about $50K per month. Them there's real dollars! We began our PPC, like many ... Read More >