7 Observations from SES New York 2007

Search Engine Strategies in New York was once again a good show. It seems to have grown again this year, and I always enjoy the opportunity to catch up with different people in the biz. Here are & major impressions I have following the show: There is really so much opportunity out there. New things keep popping up that result in new ways to win big. Podcasting is becoming main stream. I was shocked by how many people had listened to our podcast series. And there are podcasts on all types of ... Read More >

Podcast Optimization Tips from SES

Yesterday I attended the Podcast Optimization session at SES in NY. Chris Sherman was moderating and speakers were Amanda Watlington, Daron Babin, and Rick Klau, all of which provided very engaging presentations. It was a great and informative seession, and here are some highlights from it: Market The Podcast marketplace is expanding rapidly Feedburner is managing over 100,000 Podcast feeds Feedburner is tracking more than 5M subscribers For every download at Feedburner, there is approximately one ... Read More >

SES NY Coming Up!

SES New York begins on April 10th, and as usual, I will be there. A few sessions stand out as being of particular interest to me: Tuesday 9:00 am: Video Search Optimization Tuesday 11:00 am: Podcast and Audio Optimization Wednesday 10:15 am: Web Analytics and Measuring Success Wednesday 3:15 pm: SEO Through Blogs & Feeds Thursday 9:00 am: Social Search Overview Thursday 11:00 am: Social Media Optimization Thursday 2:00 pm: Bookmark Strategies As you can see, I have a strong preference for the ... Read More >

Danny Sullivan’s Contributions to SEO

Leave it to Danny Sullivan. While the SEO world is abuzz with the news of his leaving Search Engine Watch (SEW), and Search Engine Strategies (SES) as well, Danny focuses on the issue of losing Pluto as a planet. As someone who has been at 6 or so SES shows, I can tell you that this is typical of Danny's character. SEW and SES may have led the way in popularizing SEO, but Danny played a key role in humanizing it. He has brought humor, humility, and dignity to our profession, and I know I am not alone ... Read More >

SES Report: Day 4

Two sessions again today. The first was "Meet the Crawlers", and the second was "Retaining Traffic After Moving or Redesign". The Meet the Crawlers sessions was entertaining as always. One of the notable things was the absence of Matt Cutts. Instead, Google had the session covered with Shiva Shivakumar, who did a credible job. Shiva's mantra(s) were 2: (1) Distinguish clearly between Inclusion issues and Ranking issues, and: (2) Use Google Webmaster Tools (fka Sitemaps) to solve world peace. OK, so ... Read More >

SES Report: Day 3

A busy day for me, filled with off site client meetings. Nonetheless, I managed to catch two sessions. These were: Speaking Unofficially: Search Engine Bloggers, and Usability & SEO: Two Wins for the Price of One. Both were very interesting. The first of these featured Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo, Matt Cutts of Google, Niall Kennedy of Microsoft, and Gary Price of Ask.com. This session was not deep in tips and tricks for blogging success, but did provide some real insight into corporate mechanics at the ... Read More >

SES Report: Day 2

So the second day of the conference is drawing to a close. I am putting together this quick post to cover some of the basic events of the day before heading up the Googleplex to attend the Google Dance. Today I checked out 3 sessions: Blog & Feed Search SEO News Search SEO Meet the Blog & Feed Search Engines As you can see, I remained focused on social search type stuff, reflecting my current bent. It amazes me how much new opportunity out there. If you missed the growndswell that ocurred when ... Read More >

SES Report: Day 1

So I've finished my first day at Search Engine Strategies (SES) San Jose 2006. Got here late, because of flight delays from the East Coast. But, it was still a good day. Because of the late start, I attended only two sessions: (1) The Google Social Search session, and: (2) the Wikipedia / tagging session. As I said in my first post about the show, its remarkable how the industry is evolving. Chris Sherman, the Executive Editor at Search Engine Watch, noted that search really began as a group of Yahoo ... Read More >