SES Report: Day 4

Two sessions again today. The first was "Meet the Crawlers", and the second was "Retaining Traffic After Moving or Redesign". The Meet the Crawlers sessions was entertaining as always. One of the notable things was the absence of Matt Cutts. Instead, Google had the session covered with Shiva Shivakumar, who did a credible job. Shiva's mantra(s) were 2: (1) Distinguish clearly between Inclusion issues … [Read more...]

SES Report: Day 3

A busy day for me, filled with off site client meetings. Nonetheless, I managed to catch two sessions. These were: Speaking Unofficially: Search Engine Bloggers, and Usability & SEO: Two Wins for the Price of One. Both were very interesting. The first of these featured Jeremy Zawodny of Yahoo, Matt Cutts of Google, Niall Kennedy of Microsoft, and Gary Price of This session was not deep in tips … [Read more...]

SES Report: Day 2

So the second day of the conference is drawing to a close. I am putting together this quick post to cover some of the basic events of the day before heading up the Googleplex to attend the Google Dance. Today I checked out 3 sessions: Blog & Feed Search SEO News Search SEO Meet the Blog & Feed Search Engines As you can see, I remained focused on social search type stuff, reflecting my current bent. … [Read more...]

SES Report: Day 1

So I've finished my first day at Search Engine Strategies (SES) San Jose 2006. Got here late, because of flight delays from the East Coast. But, it was still a good day. Because of the late start, I attended only two sessions: (1) The Google Social Search session, and: (2) the Wikipedia / tagging session. As I said in my first post about the show, its remarkable how the industry is evolving. Chris … [Read more...]