Complex Site Hierarchies

Large sites have a variety of problems. They are inherently more complex than smaller sites to manage from many perspectives. Some of the major ones include: Content management is a major challenge Providing users a quality user experience (e.g. an easy to understand navigation system) may be difficult And, yes, SEO can be a challenge too One of the most common SEO problems relates to managing complex site hierarchies. An example of this is when you try to implement a site with a local aspect. For ... Read More >

Drupal and Search Engine Optimization

Drupal is known for being a very SEO friendly content management system (CMS). The way it assembles its pages is crawler friendly. This makes it a popular choice for people looking to build dynamic web sites. However, there are a number of potential SEO problems with Drupal as well. These need to be dealt with to ensure that you get optimal results. The very fact that Drupal is such a dynamic system is a factor that leads to some of its SEO problems. The content is stored in a database and retrieved ... Read More >

12 Quick Site Architecture Tips

Site Architecture is a critical component of SEO. When you are starting on a new site design, you have to begin by thinking through the SEO plan as part of the design. Here are 12 quick tips on how to get your site architecture right: Complete the steps below before writing 1 line of code for your site. It will save you time and money. Have an experienced person do keyword analysis for your business. Keyword tools, such as Wordtracker, and Keyword Discovery provide wonderful insight into the mind ... Read More >

Using a Site Map to Increase Traffic

Building a good site map can be challenging (for clarity's sake, I need to point out that we are not talking about the Site Maps protocol here, but an on site, site map). But I find that there is a lot of confusion out there about what makes a good one. People are locked down on the notion that they need to have one page on their site that has links to every other page on their site. There is also confusion on when one is needed - not all sites need one. Let's start with the objective: Minimize the ... Read More >

Building Multi-Million $ Web Sites from Scratch (Part 5 of …)

Code Architecture When building a large web site from scratch, it's critical that you have the right code architecture. A weak code architecture can torpedo your entire plan, or can leave you in a position where you can't scale your site. Given the type of content we have been talking about in this series, you may needs tens of thousands of web pages, or even hundreds of thousands. You want to be able to implement this in a way where each page is unique and different to avoid duplicate content ... Read More >