Interview with Seth Godin

A little over a week ago, I caught up with Seth Godin to talk about the great success of Squidoo. As you might expect, the conversation included a lot of discussion about what makes the web great, and strategies and tactics for making something go viral. Much of Seth's focus with Squidoo was just that - to make it go viral. At the heart of making something viral is providing a participant with a reason for telling others. We are not talking about compensation here. We are talking about things like ... Read More >

The Web is a Permanent Record

A short while back the folks at SEO Blackhat published a great post called This will Go Down on Your Permanent Record. You might ask what a self professed "white hat" such as myself was doing rousting around on the SEO Blackhat blog, but the reality is that they I am a fan of the SEO Blackhat blog. They write some great stuff And so it was, with this post. The point they made was that everything you put online is being archived for all eternity. No matter what you do, no matter how funny you think it ... Read More >

Tomi Poutanen talks about algorithmic and social search

I had a great discussion with Tomi Poutanen last week about the future of algorithmic and social search. Tomi identified 3 challenges faced by algorithmic search: The size of the web they are searching and indexing Subjective queries, such as "what's the best hotel in New York" can't be addressed by algorithmic search The spammers use algotihms too, and there is an inherent arms race between spammers and search engines But Tomi does feel that algorithmic search is still better for navigation and ... Read More >

Flickr Thumbnails now Showing in Yahoo! Web Search Results

Interesting developments at Flickr and Yahoo! web search. Based on Flickr Interestingness data that the service has been collecting, Yahoo! Web Search is now showing Flickr thumbnails of the most popular photos of popular landmarks, when these landmarks are searched on by users. Here are some examples: Machu Pichu Eifel Tower Great Wall of China Times Square Stonehenge Yes, I had to include a thumbnail of Stonehenge in there. In any event, what's cool about this is that the experience is driven ... Read More >

The Challenge for Web 2.0 Companies

Aaron Wall offers up some good thoughts on why Most Web 2.0 Companies will Fail. His discussion focuses on the leverage they seem to lack. He ends the post with "The reason most Web2.0 companies will fail is that they are creating entire companies based around a feature to another product, while having no market leverage." And, he is absolutely correct. Features do not result in long term companies. Maybe, I said maybe, a company that is based on a feature can create some value and sell themselves ... Read More >

2007 Predictions for Web Marketing

Now that we are over 1 week into the new year, I have decided to take a moment to record six predictions for the year. Here are the new developments I see on our horizon in 2007: The social web revolution(s) will continue and expand, but will not be a panacea for current limitations in search. Group (mob) behavior simply has its limitations. However, more and more smart businesses will make a bundle of money by learning to use the social web as a tool to understand their customers, and/or find new ... Read More >

The Future of Social Media

As the various predictions come out about people's projections for 2007, I am beginning to see more and more impressive predictions about what will happen in the social media space. People are projecting that the power of human input will do all manner of incredible things. But there is a basic problem with all this. Unregulated human input on a large scale has serious problems with accuracy. One of the most interesting experiments along these lines is Wikipedia. Wikipedia is the largest example of ... Read More >

Commentary on Danny Sullivan Interview with Jimmy Wales

Danny Sullivan posted an interview of Jimmy Wales, in which they discuss Wikia's plan to launch a new search engine. Danny asks a lot of great questions, and provides some good analysis. Danny points out in detail how hard it will be for them to succeed in holding off spammers if they begin to get popular. One point of the discussion that I want to expand upon is the issue of the investment required to succeed at this. Danny touches on this as well, but I believe it deserves some ... Read More >

Blogs that I read

I have now seen numerous people put out there their list of blogs that they read. I saw one excellent list from Brian Clark at Copyblogger, a blog that is on my list below. Here is my list: Bruce Clay (Lisa Barone) Cartoon Barry CopyBlogger Cre8pc David Naylor Eric Ward - Link Moses Google Blogoscoped Google Custom Search Blog Google Webmaster Central Graywolf JenSense - Making Sense of Contextual Advertising Jeremy Zawodny Jim Boykin's Blog Live Search Blog Matt Cutts, Gadgets, Google, ... Read More >

Blog Tag in action

Hoo boy, looks like I have been tagged as well. I know I am going to get a headache finding anyone at all to tag. I will do my best. But first for the 5 things you did not know about me: 1. I am an oenophile (wine lover). I have a first class wine cellar in my basement, and I regularly by bottles of wine that I put in there to store for 5 to 10 years before drinking it. I have been doing this for a while now, so I get to pull bottles out regularly too. Favorite types are Bordeaux, Cabernet, ... Read More >