Yahoo! Answers Turns One

Yahoo! Answers is having it's first birthday today. They note that a Harris Interactive survey found that fully 1/3 of all online adults have used an online Q & A service at some point. You can see more information on the survey in the Yahoo! press relesae. The survey further showed that 52% of the people using these products were influenced in a decision that they made. This is a great example of a social search product in action! ... Read More >

The Virtual World of Second Life

Sometimes you feel like you are living under a rock. That happened to me on Monday at SES Chicago. I walked into a ClickZ sponsored session on Social Media Advertising, and in it I saw a presentation by Marc Schiller, CEO and Founder of Electric Artists, about Second Life. For those of you who don't know about it, Second Life is its own virtual world, where people live out lives using there avatars. The world is literally created on the fly by its residents, much like real life (but hopefully with ... Read More >

Google Custom Search Engines and Social Media

When Google Co-op was launched in May, I saw this as Google's move into the Social Media space. The announcement on October 24th of it's Custom Search Engine (CSE) initiative continues this trend. As with the other parts of Google Co-op, CSEs are intended to encourage social participation in improving the quality of search. CSEs are designed to provide subject matter experts (SMEs) with the means and the incentive to hand carve improved search engines specific to their area of expertise. The means ... Read More >

Strategic Implications of Google’s Custom Search Engines

Google's custom search engine (CSE) announcement has significant implications for the search engine industry and Google. This blog post will discuss some of these, but I am sure we will be learing about it for some time to come. Here are the major implications: Combining Human Editing with Algorithmic Search 1. Google has recognized the inherent limitations in link based ranking systems. CSEs provide a method for incorporating expert human editor input into search results. There is a spark of ... Read More >

Social Media Optimization

Rohit Bhargava of Influential Marketing started an excellent thread of blog posts with his post titled: 5 Rules of Social Media Optimization. In it, he starts us off with a list of rules for engaging the social web community and building traffic in the process. This initial post has since been enhanced by others, resulting in a list of 16 rules so far. The additional contributors include: Jeremiah Owyang contributed Rules 6 and 7. Cameron Olthuis contributed Rules 8 through 11. Loren Baker ... Read More >

SEO and the Social Web

The social web is about relationships and trust. Hell, at this point, the entire web is about relationships and trust. Gone are the days of trickery, and the day of the charlatans is fading fast. It's so critical to your business on the web that you have the right mind set. How am I going to earn the customer's business? What am I going to do to get them to come back to me over and over again? What am I going to do to get them to recommend me to their friends? In some ways, it sounds an awful lot ... Read More >