Latest Interview: Microsoft’s Grad Conn

This week's interview is with Grad Conn of Microsoft. We spoke about Microsoft's unique new health search product, and how they have integrated that into the core experience of Live Search. Read the interview for the details of how and why Microsoft put it together, and comment below if you want to discuss it. ... Read More >

Custom Search Business Edition

This past Wednesday my latest "By The Numbers" column went up on Search Engine Watch. This article reviews the Custom Search Business Edition, for those webmasters that need to do a bit more with their Custom Search Engine than the free version allows. One of the nicest things about CSBEs is that you don't need to have any ads presented together with the results. ... Read More >

Yahoo! Search Builder and Getting More Pages Indexed by Yahoo!

A while back I wrote about how building a search engine using Yahoo! Search Builder can increase the number of pages you have in the Yahoo! index. This notion did not come from me. It came from an interview I did with Tim Mayer back in December 2006. Recently, we began a little experiment with this notion to see if we could see any impact from doing this. It's still too early to have data from this test, but we have already noticed one very interesting thing. Take a look at this image: Notice ... Read More >

Increase the number of pages Yahoo indexes on your site

Recently we had the chance to speak with Tim Mayer about Yahoo's Search Builder product. Search Builder is the vertical search engine offering from Yahoo, that competes with products such as Google Custom Search Engines, Live Search Macros, and Eurekster. In the discussion, Tim reveals that sites that use Search Builder on their site may well increase the number of pages on their site that get indexed by Yahoo. It amazes me that there has not been more play regarding this point. It seems to me that I ... Read More >

Vertical Search Engine Market to Reach $1B in 2009

Somewhere during the days reading I came across this report on the Emerging Opportunity in Vertical Search. The report pulls stats and data from a report called Vertical Search Delivers What Big Search Engines Miss by Outsell, Inc. What is fascination is that the Outsell's data suggests that the B2B vertical search market will reach $1.0 billion in revenue by 2009. So it's no wonder so many companies have launched vertical search platforms. Some of the most significant platforms, listed ... Read More >