Latest Interview: Google’s Maile Ohye

As is my normal policy, no interview was published last week, as many in the industry have way too much to deal with when there is a major search industry trade show taking place, such as SES San Jose. However, this week I have the pleasure of publishing my recent interview with Maile Ohye, a Senior Support Engineer at Google. Our conversation including quite a bit of semi-advanced stuff on Google Webmaster Tools, and also a discussion of the recent indexing improvements that Google has made with regard ... Read More >

Vanessa Fox’s Last Google Interview?

Shortly before she left Google, I spoke to Vanessa Fox about what's going on with Google Webmaster Tools, and, we also spoke for a while about duplicate content problems. While I was working on polishing up the interview transcript Vanessa left Google. So I may have had the last real interview she did while at Google. After another week of vacation, she will officially make the leap over to work at Zillow. Best of luck Vanessa! We talk at length about key parts of Webmaster Tools, and we also talk ... Read More >

The 4 Best Things in the new Link Capabilities from Google

The SEO world has been abuzz with the announcement of "accurate" link information from Google. This is, in fact, really good news for webmasters. If you care about building traffic to your site, you care about links. And having the tools to find out when you have new links is very good news indeed. It just makes our job easier. There are a few things worth commenting on, with regard to this new tool: The link counts are less than those shown on Yahoo's Site Explorer. A quick check today shows ... Read More >

Google Image Search Labeller

Vanessa Fox posted yesterday about using images on your site. The post includes a variety of basic tips for getting the best impact on your search results. The really good stuff though, is a pointer to a cool new feature in Google Webmaster Central. You can read a basic description of the service here. Basically, if you enable enhanced image search in your Google Webmaster Tools account, you will be permitting your images to be labelled using the Google Image Labeler. This is true social search in ... Read More >