Identifying Poor Quality Sites

WebmasterWorld has a nice thread going about 25 signals of crappy sites. Fribble starts the thread with the notion that we spend a lot of time looking for signals of quality. But it's also useful to look at the inverse. It's a pretty good list, and forum members chip in a few other good ideas. Being aware of these signals can be useful when you are evaluating the merits of web sites for partnering with them. If a site has too may of these negative signals, it may not be worth the trouble to pursue ... Read More >

The Value of Search Engine Trade Shows

Finally, I get to sit down and contemplate a week without a trade show, or some other major disruption to my schedule. I have recently completed trips to PubCon in Las Vegas, and Search Engine Strategies in Chicago. In reflecting on these trips, I started to think about what the value was of going to these shows. At this point, I don't go to learn the basics of SEO or blogging. Sure, I can still pick up the occasional new tidbit about something, such as a neat new tool, or a specific detail about ... Read More >

Tidbits from Webmaster World, Day 2

1. I finally got to meet Donna Fontenot of SEO Scoop. She has an excellent blog, and today made a point that ties in nicely to the current gambling environment here in Las Vegas. Manage your risk dudes and dudettes. Don't put more on the line than you can afford to lose. 2. I stopped by the duplicate content sessions because I wanted to meet Bill Slawski of SEO by the Sea, another excellent blog for all to read. Bill found some information on a new Google patent today of interest, related to the ... Read More >

WebmasterWorld Day 1

Brutal trip out here. No problems really, everything ran on time. But getting up at 4:30 am ET to come out here is hard no matter how you slice it. But anyway, I have made it our to WebmasterWorld in Las Vegas. And as always, it's an entertaining show. Since I flew early this morning, I made only the two last sessions. The most interesting one to me was the CSS and HTML session. According to Ted Ulle, it makes a big difference in site readability and user comprehension if you use CSS to set line ... Read More >

Webmaster World Next Week

Like many others in the search engine industry, I am preparing for the trip to Las Vegas for WebmasterWorld. There are lots of things to look forward to. Catching up with the many people in this industry that I have to know. Just hanging out in some place warmer than Boston. Then there are the many great sessions and meetings I plan to go to. For me, these events are about networking, building new relationships, and renewing relationships. I plan to arrive on Tuesday morning. Sessions that interest ... Read More >

Danny Sullivan Keynoting WebmasterWorld – Not Dead Yet!

The news just broke that Danny Sullivan has signed on to provide a keynote speech at Webmaster World in Las Vegas on November 16th. You can read the announcement on Danny's blog, or read more about it on the Webmaster World forums. You can get more info on attending Pubcon here. This should come as no surprise to industry insiders. Danny has been the face of the SEO industry for some time, and it's really unlikely that he is going to disappear from the scene anytime soon. I for one am excited by this ... Read More >