WordPress Automatic Update Rocks!

Back in December I did a blog post about Updating to Wordpress 2.3.1. I noted in that post that I waited a long time to do the update because I knew it would be a somewhat painful process. I probably spent an hour getting the stage set (backing things up including the database), and reading and re-reading the instructions. I then completed the actual update in about 2 hours. Not horrible, but still not something you do on a whim. Ironically, 2.3.2 came out within a week or so of my doing the update. ... Read More >

Upgrading to WordPress 2.3.1

For the longest time I let my blog remain on the 2.02 version of Wordpress. One of the reasons that this was the case is that upgrading Wordpress used to feel like a potential nightmare. While I am moderately technical, I am no web server geek by any means, and in the past there were steps in the process that felt like they would require me to be one to make sure everything went smoothly. However, when I checked out the procedure for upgrading to Wordpress 2.3.1, it suddenly seemed quite a bit easier ... Read More >

Backing up your Blog

It was a very scary moment. I was looking at the home page of my blog, and there was nothing but a Wordpress database error of some sort. The irony of it was that I had just gone in, for the first time, to try and protect the history of the blog with the first backup I have ever done of it. And the process had somehow blown it away. Basically, I had gone through the following steps: Ran PhpMyAdmin, the admin tool for the SQL database Selected Export Checked the Gzipped box at the bottom Clicked ... Read More >

Implementing Custom Meta Descriptions in WordPress

Recently, we did a post about Google's snippets stating that out site will soon be the most read site in the SEO World. Not many people can claim that Google says that about their site. As I pointed out in the discussion, this results from the way that Google builds it's snippets. Google first looks to find text on your page that contains the actual user search query, or something quite close to it. If it does not find such a string of text, it will consider using an ODP description for your page (if ... Read More >