Chris Baggott Interview: Comment Here

Chris Baggott co-founded ExactTarget, the world’s leading Data-driven Email Service Provider, and Compendium Blogware, a company focused on helping corporations use blogs more effectively to obtain new customers from search engines. One of the things that stood out for me in this interview with Chris is his focus on the fact that people buy from people.

With so many new methods becoming available for marketing to broad audiences, Chris has instead focused on methods for personalized marketing, and is clearly a thought leader in this space. Want to get some ideas on personalized marketing? Check out the interview.


  1. thank you for posting the interview, i took the advice for personal market, and i have now applied it to my blog, fingers crossed…. thanks again

  2. I like what Chris said about listening. Some people today just talk and talk and they fail to listen. If we just learn to listen, we’ll learn much.

  3. we do that in denmark as well. He is right, we must listen more.

  4. Good interview

  5. Matt definitely knows his stuff. I’m curious to know what is classified as dup content. Does it have to be a whole article, a sentence, or any combination? What if I simply quote a paragraph without linking back. How does that effect me now? Just curious.

  6. Outtanames999 says:

    Eric strikes again!!

    Power strategies discussed by Eric and Chris. A finally someone who has figured out how to put a corporate workflow around content creation that results in SEO friendly content!

    Keep the interviews coming!!

  7. Great Interview, wonder what it must be like knowing as much about SEO as Matt Cutts? We can dream…Thanks for posting!

  8. What is with this sucking up to Matt Cutts. The last time I looked he was head of the spam unit, not the SEO god that people think he is. Don’t get me wrong, he knows his stuff but he is not the last word on SEO.

  9. Listen first and ask questions later is always the correct advice and as my parents used to say to me all the time, listening and talking at the same time isn’t difficult, it’s impossible! Nice work.

  10. I think he has got his work cut out trying to make corporations blog more effectively. The corporate blogs I have seen are completely useless and don’t seem to understand how to connect with their customers. Interesting piece though.

  11. Interesting article, I have to agree with Paul, gonna take some work!

  12. Great interview, really glad I took the time to read it! Thanks for sharing.

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