Highlighting the New Google Analytics Release

Google Analytics recently took a huge step forward in the release that they did on October 22nd. I reviewed this with Brett Crosby during an interview recently (that will be published in the near future, but not today). Two of the biggest shortcomings in Google Analytics were the lack of segmentation and the lack of custom reporting. Both of these are now built into the main interface:

Google Analytics Screen Shot

I know the image is a little hard to see in detail, but notice the segmentation selector that I have circled at the top right. This appears on any of the report screens, making it really easy to do visitor segmentation. Not only that, you can easily do custom segmentation as well. Here is a look at the main segmentation screen:

Google Analytics Segmentation Screen Shot

In addition, the custom reporting functionality is pretty cool too. Google has provided this through a simple and intuitive drag and drop interface:

Google Analytics Custom Reporting Screen Shot

There are several other features added, but these two are by far the most important. Google Analytics has already established itself as the most popular solution for those that are just looking for basic data. With these additions, it has now become a powerful tool for much more sophisticated analysis.


  1. Hi There,

    Thanks to share new features from Google Analytics, else in my busy schedule I ever get time to peep in what new with ….

    Nice & useful info.

    Take Care

  2. Thanks, Eric, for highlighting this crucial tool. This is high value stuff that is well worth the trouble to examine. I took a while to discover the power of Analytics, but now I can’t do without it.

  3. Google analytics is a very powerful tool and will continue to be. I am sure Google has many good things on the horizon for there tracking baby.

  4. wow nice traffic

  5. Despite the fact there are other tools available, Google are cornering the market with this. I fail to see the point of using the other tools while analytics is there.

  6. I’ve been using Google Analytic for years now but I’ve never noticed that function before, thank you for sharing this.

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