Latest Interview: Rand Fishkin

This week I am releasing the my recent interview with Rand Fishkin. In this interview we discuss Linkscape, the new link building intelligence tool from SEOmoz. The discussion includes a detailed look at how it was put together, SEOmoz’s policies rgarding the tool, and how SEOs should use it.

Once you have read the interview, come back here and comment if you want to discuss it.


  1. Here’s some background on the 75 million domain names rand quoted from me. I often refer to this report from netcraft when talking about how many active sites there are on the web:

    Note, as of this month netcraft finds about 74M active domains and about 186M total domains including those that appear to be inactive.

  2. @Nate, thanks for attributing this statistic, and thanks for the link to the report.

  3. So, at what point will we run out of domains?

  4. Thats also my question. When do we reach the point ?

  5. Good question – I am not sure when we run out of domains (I assume you mean .com domains here). Of course, more domains can always be created by creating new TLDs.

  6. In Germany we now we can register domains with “ß”. i think we have open end opportunities.

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