The Digital Marketing Answers Show (#DMAShow)


Welcome to The Digital Marketing Answers Show archive page. The show features co-hosts Eric Enge and Mark Traphagen.

The reason that the word “answers” is in the the title is because this is an audience Q&A show. Each show will start with an introduction by us, but we will turn the show over to you, the audience, so please, ask us anything related to the topic of the show. You have questions, and we will have answers. In addition, every first Tuesday of the month, semantic search ninja David Amerland joins us as a co-host.

Our latest episode was a lot of fun; Managing Social Media without Losing Your Mind. Eric and Mark went deep into how to approach social media from a measured and manageable standpoint.

The next episode of the #DMAShow will be today at 1 PM EST next Tuesday, April 22nd. The title of the show will be: Effectively Promoting Google Plus Content. Click on the title and it will bring you to the Event Invite. Say “Yes” and your Google+ message stream will send you reminders prior to show time; or just mark it in your calendar. Just prior to show time the live YouTube link will be posted into the Event invite itself as well as directly below on this page!

If you weren’t able to catch our latest episode, we will leave it up until our next show!

Past Shows

Date Topic Video Discussion
April 15, 2014 Do you have social media snow blindness? Too much going on and no idea how to manage it all, or what to do next? We provide strategies for coping with those challenges. Managing Social Media without Losing Your Mind Event Discussion
April 8, 2014 Why should you do this? Should the company you work for let you? How do you persuade them? How do you get started? What role does serendipity play? How do you stack the deck in your favor? Building Your Personal Brand Event Discussion
April 1, 2014 Authority, How to become one, How to measure progress, The benefits, How this all plays into semantic search. Authority: How You Become One and Why Event Discussion
March 25, 2014 Google’s actions against MyBlogGuest and Portent, Inc. The current state of link building, How to keep link building in your digital marketing plan. Is Link Building Dead? Event Discussion
March 18, 2014 What is Google+? How can you best utilize it for personal and professional use? What content tends to trend better on G+ versus other social networks? Building Engagement in Google Plus Event Discussion
March 11, 2014 What is Google PageRank? What is Toolbar PageRank? Does PageRank actually determine how pages rank in search? How do trust, relevance, and authority work via links? Why should my link building strategy center around branding and reputation? Are schemes like link farms, web rings and blog carnivals good link building strategies? Is reciprocal linking a good way to get valuable links? What are some ways to evaluate the trust, relevance, and authority of a linking site? Defining the True Value of Links Event Discussion
March 4, 2014 The elements of semantic search Somethings Cooking in Semantic Search Event Discussion
February 25, 2014 The first 3 things you need to prioritize in SEO, Why content is so important!, The role of keywords in today’s world (with natural language search), The role of PageRank, How to deal with content theft, Why schemes like article directories are bad. SEO 101 Through SEO 201 With Mark and Eric Event Discussion
February 18, 2014 Bad gust posting practices, Matt Cutts January 20th blog post, The right way to approach guest posting, How you get on top tier sites Guest Posting – Dead or Alive? Event Discussion
February 11, 2014 How does authorship work? Is AuthorRank active today? When will it become active? How would it work? What will it do? Common implementation problems Open Q&A on Authorship / AuthorRank with Mark and Eric Event Discussion
February 4, 2014 Authenticity as an investment in long-term brand building, Can authenticity be faked? How small businesses can manage a social presence, How much content (and how long) is “enough”? Semantic Search Seance – Part Deux Event Discussion
January 28, 2014 Local search, Getting started with content marketing as a new business, What social sites should you show buttons for on your site? Is Google going to move into the POS environment?Would merchants supporting Google Wallet be a ranking factor? You’ve Got Questions, We’ve Got Answers Event Discussion
January 21, 2014 What is semantic search?, How prevalent is semantic search now? What are some examples? Is local search impacted? Do title tags still matter? Does and other markup matter? How about the links coming in to your site? Semantic Search Seance Event Discussion
January 14, 2014 How can small businesses compete? Nurturing AuthorRank, Winning at Content Marketing, Google Authorship, Google+ Pages: Why Have One? Content: Why Quality Trumps Quantity, Building Personal Authority, Small Business Digital Marketing The Digital Marketing Answers Show: Episode 1 Event Discussion